The Shapes on ABC3


A new locally-produced animated series premiered on ABC3 yesterday.

The Shapes, by WA production company Mad Kids, showcasing music videos from a cartoon band.

Songs include Give Up! a rock-anthem about what you should do when the going gets tough, Sugar High, a disco trackabout the side-effects of consuming way too much sugar and Picking My Nose, a song about an inability to control a most socially unacceptable urge.

The series is written & directed by Henry Inglis and Matt Lovkis and produced by Lauren Elliott, with music and lyrics by Matt Lovkis and Timothy Nelson of Perth rock band, Timothy Nelson and The Infidels.

The series features illustrator Paul Tippett, animator Rob Woods, sound designer Xoe Baird, Perth-based post-production house The Sandbox and vocalists Timothy Nelson (Red Triangle), Matt Lovkis (Pink Oval), actress Gemma Sharpe (Blue Square) and Ofa Fotu (Yellow Circle) of Odette Mercy & the Soul Atomics.

Comedy series DAFUQ? has also been commissioned for ABC iview and web series, The Legend of Gavin Tanner is one of the half hour pilots coming up in ABC’s Comedy Showroom.



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