TV Tonight Awards: Worst of 2015

Almost a clean sweep by Karl Stefanovic & The Verdict as readers dish out the worst TV of 2015.


He is reportedly the highest-paid personality on TV, but Karl Stefanovic is also the most unpopular with TV Tonight readers.

The Gold Logie winner topped the “Worst” lists in every category he was eligible in: Worst Male and Most Overexposed Performer while The Verdict was voted both Worst Show and Biggest Blunder of the Year.

Breakfast presenters traditionally polarise readers but Karl Stefanovic’s move to primetime with a TV flop put him in the crosshairs with readers. Sunrise‘s Sam Armytage took out the Worst Female category.

Seven’s Restaurant Revolution was also marked down by readers in two categories. This year there was a big push against food and renovation shows.

Also polarising readers was The Big Bang Theory. Yesterday it was voted Best International Comedy -today it wins Worst International Show, suggesting viewers either love it or hate it, with not much in between.

* denotes runaway winner.

The Verdict*
Restaurant Revolution
My Kitchen Rules
The Hotplate
(2014: The Big Adventure)

The Big Bang Theory
Keeping Up with the Kardashians
Heroes Reborn
Cats Make You Laugh Out Loud
(2014: The Big Bang Theory)

Karl Stefanovic
Andrew Bolt
David Koch
Scott Cam
(2014: David Koch)

Sam Armytage
Sonia Kruger
Tracy Grimshaw
Lisa Wilkinson
(2014: Sonia Kruger)

Karl Stefanovic*
Scott Cam
Grant Denyer
Eddie McGuire
(2014: Karl Stefanovic)

The Verdict*
Restaurant Revolution
Renovation, Food shows go head to head on Seven, Nine
Q&A: Zaky Mallah controversy
(2014: The Bachelor proposal)

Meanwhile, a further category was the International Show We Need to See on Aussie TV. This yielded more varied responses than any other category (including shows named that are already available on Foxtel or Streaming services). Counting got down to single figures, meaning there wasn’t any strong candidate.

That said the results were:
Agent Carter
Shades of Blue
The Man in the High Castle
Big Brother (USA)

There were 501 votes this year.

68% of you visit the site once a day or more with 91% voting the site Excellent or Very Good. This year less than 1% voted it as Disappointing.

Thanks again to all of those who participated!

20 Responses

  1. The question you should be asking… If the producer from the Verdict has just been poached by Seven, will they continue to make beautiful flops together, for Seven? Makes you sort of feel sorry for the crack team at Seven who have had a bad run of misses for the past five years.

  2. Poor Karl his not that bad, but I never watched verdict so he might of been terrible in that.
    Even Big Bang I like but don’t love it and the laugh track is annoying.
    Agent carter was a great show can’t wait for s2, even galavent I’ve been loving. both have to be on our TVs soon, I’m surprised fox 8 didn’t buy it of seven

  3. I know I’m in the minority, but I like Karl, I think he’s funny. But come on, Andrew Bolt is a million times worse than Karl. That man has no right being on TV sprouting his biased propaganda.

    1. So his got no right to be on tv just because he has a different view to u? It’s good to have someone leaning the other way for a change, we need some balance with all the left bias we get served daily, his also on channel ten not abc so he can be as bias as he wants.

  4. Australian made shows on FTA are moved into the post primetime News slot whenever possible, the reason being that after the news the TV is a background noise during evening meals then after that becomes habitual viewing before bedtime. Any program after 9.30PM will not gain a strong following, which is why the programmers favourite, reality TV, is pushed so much it earns revenue at every turn. It’s not surprising that FTA TV is slowly losing relevance with tech savvy audiences looking for entertainment.

  5. Commercial television networks are not trying to make the ‘best’ tv shows. Their sole purpose is to make shows that rate well so they can charge the maximum amount for advertising during those shows. They could not care less if you think their shows are the worst as this has little correlation to their success.

    1. Don’t agree. Yes they are trying to make shows that rate. But there is little longevity in shows that are “worst” so your investment is not wisely spent and you go back into developing a replacement. Networks always want a show to be successful, long-running and valued.

  6. Expected Karl to be up there as worst male – so vacuous and annoying.
    Thought I might be in the minority in voting for Sam as worst female but obviously others find her just as grating , fake and condescending as I do…

  7. ‘Agent Carter’? Given the tiny audiences for the superhero stuff that’s hard to believe (and I do watch Agents of Shield, but haven’t bothered with most of the related films).

    1. Well flash and supergirl are two of the most watched shows on Foxtel so it is very surprising agent carter hasn’t been on. I suggest for u to watch captain America 2 it’s one of the least comic book movies and it’s connected to shield. Pretty much a awesome spy movie

  8. People are impatient with Shades of Blue. It didn’t premiere in the US till a week after voting closed. NBC commissioned it back in 2014, but sat on it until it needed a mid-season replacement this month. With J Lo the premiere rated well for a 10pm slot these days, but got mediocre reviews.

    If only TBBT was worst international show on.

  9. This is what I put in order of preference for the worst shows of 2015:
    1. Restaurant Revolution
    2. Aussie BBQ Heroes
    3. Footy Classified (AFL)
    4. The Hotplate
    5. The Biggest Loser Families

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