US adaptation for Upper Middle Bogan

ABC comedy series by Robyn Butler and Wayne Hope receives a pilot order from CBS.


Another ABC comedy series is getting a US adaptation, with Upper Middle Bogan, receiving a pilot order from CBS.

The Robyn Butler and Wayne Hope-created series has been adapted with Modern Family writer Dan O’Shannon.

Deadline reports, “The extended family show is about a wife and mother who learns she was adopted and that her birth parents are a flamboyant but loving family of drag-racers. O’Shannon, Butler and Hope executive produce with Todd Holland. CBS Studios, where O’Shannon is under an overall deal, co-produces with ABC Studios and studio-based Dark Toy Entertainment.”

It follows earlier adaptations and pilots for ABC titles including Rake, The Slap, Review with Myles Barlow, Strange Calls, The Moodys while Lowdown and Laid are yet to emerge. It’s also the third Patrick Brammall series to win a US adaptation.

2016 will be busy for Gristmill productions with a third season of Upper Middle Bogan due on ABC this year, and recent projects including Little Lunch and the feature film Now Add Honey.

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  1. It’s much a easier concept to reformat than Kath & Kim was. Kath & Kim was completely culturally specific to Australia. This concept isn’t. ‘Upper middle class girl learns she’s actually from working class stock, and class-clash ensues.’ Take out the word ‘bogan’ and replace with ‘white trash’ in the US and I can see it working conceptually. Whether the audience takes to it is another matter.

  2. Aussie shows do not translate well….they don’t get our humour….trust me….I chat to many of them, every day….They would have to make them rednecks….and then the whole thing would not be the show we see…think Kath and Kim….it was awful.

        1. Yeah Wilfred was about the only show they didn’t ruin. It’s not the same as the local version, but it’s good for different reasons. I can’t see them getting this to work, however. Glad to be proven wrong though.

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