Whose Line Is It Anyway? Australia coming to Comedy Channel


Here’s a pretty good idea…

A local version of improvisation series Whose Line Is It Anyway? is coming to the Comedy Channel.

The series has run in various versions in the UK (first in 1988) and the US (twice in 1998 / 2013). The US series has aired in Australia on Foxtel featuring names such as Drew Carey (host), Wayne Brady, Colin Mochrie and Ryan Stiles.

An Aussie version is reportedly due in late February but no details have been released as yet.

With Open Slather no longer on the cards, could some of its performers may land another gig?

Foxtel did not return enquiries.


  1. you really need two/three really experienced people who can carry it and then rotate in a young up and comer – if they can get Gina Riley, jane Turner, Glenn Robbins, magda, ed kavalee (many ppl from have you been paying attention would be great) etc… to fill the colin/ryan role it could work – if its all young up and comers it will be a pain – need someone who can make ppl give it a chance

  2. I feel like the reason the US show is a success is the dynamic that Ryan & Colin share and it can’t really be replicated. I am not sure if the local version will work but i hope for the best.

    • I’d include Wayne also, but agree that Ryan and Colin in particular are like twins and know each so well. As others have stated, I agree that they need 3 very experienced people as the main cast for this to have any real chance of replicating the US feel and be successful. I hope it works.

  3. They did something similar back in 2008 with the HG Nelson hosted ‘Comedy Slapdown’ which was absolutely woeful. This should be better. All depends on the talent involved though.

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