7flix to launch Feb 28


Seven will launch its newest channel 7flix on February 28th on Channel 76.

As tipped, the channel will be high on movie content, but will also feature TV shows and Kids content.

Based on the Seven promo TV shows appear to include The Amazing Race, Scandal, How to Get Away with Murder, Grey’s Anatomy, The Mindy Project, Once Upon a Time, The Muppets and Seinfeld.

Seven is understood to have explored a Lifestyle channel but has opted for a general Entertainment channel.

It follows Nine recently adding 9Life and SBS adding Food Network.

OzTAM requires one month’s notice to include in the survey panel, so based on industry chatter it should meet that by Feb 28th.


  1. Oncefan101hooked

    Really Seinfield for 90 minutes most nights and sorry too late with season 4 of Once upon a time purchased it last August when I was in the US almost waiting 2 years is a joke when you can find room for old episodes of The Big Bang Theory in primetime and I love big bang but have already seen these years ago

  2. Quite a few negative comments, why don’t people wait until the channel is up and running and then complain if they have to, and people don’t have to watch it if the want to they always have a choice, be thankful we have so many Free to Air Channels, you can please some of the people some of the time but you cant please all of the people all of the time as we all prefer different programmes.

  3. How misleading..7Flix would indicate that this channel was going to be dedicated to movies..personally I was hoping for older ‘Golden Years” movies that rarely get a run on FTA TV..similar to TCM (or whatever they now call it) on Foxtel. Or at very least movies pre 1980 greats.
    Now I find it will host more crap American shows that even their younger targeted audience rejected on the main channel..and essentially it will be a female slanted station What about us blokes who don’t wanna see old chick flicks that have probably been seen hundreds of times in recent years but which females will watch over & over regardless

    I don’t wanna see testosterone fueled rubbish with Van Damme, Seagal & their like either. Some blokes do appreciate a well written/acted/directed movie..and if we had some it would only be fair to programme some old soapers for the ladies of course, catering for…

  4. Appreciate that new channels always raises all kinds of questions about scheduling, regional, Foxtel, HD etc. These are always questions that we will know in the fullness of time, I can only work with what I am supplied. Commercial in Confidence is usually high in these situations so networks aren’t always forthcoming.

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