Airdate: Coming Home: Australia’s RSL


Normally Saturday afternoon shows are full of branded entertainment.

This Saturday Nine screens a special on the RSL, which I trust it’s doing as a community service.

Coming Home: Australia’s RSL is narrated by Lisa McCune.

Take a rare look at how public donations provide life-saving support and assistance to thousands of everyday Aussies in Coming Home: Australia’s RSL, premiering Saturday, February 6, at 4.00pm on Channel Nine.

In this documentary narrated by four-time Gold Logie winner Lisa McCune, the RSL has given unprecedented access to a film crew to reveal extraordinary stories of veterans and serving personnel as they transition from the armed forces to civilian life.

RSLWA President Graham Edwards said the stories are both heart-breaking and life-affirming.
“All Australians should watch this documentary because they will understand what these veterans have been through and how the RSL, through its work, helps rebuild lives,” Mr Edwards said.

“It shows how the simple act of buying a poppy on Remembrance Day or a badge on Anzac Day makes a real difference.”

The one-hour documentary crosses the nation – illustrating the array of RSL programs and services which normally go unnoticed, and the dedication of RSL Sub-branch volunteers who are the organisation’s heart and soul.

After three deployments around the world, former Navy medic Hannah Amigh of Perth was discharged in 2013 with physical and mental issues.

As part of her rehabilitation, Hannah was sponsored by RSL WA to compete at the inaugural Invictus Games, an international Paralympic-style sporting event in London.

“I see the RSL as a huge support network – it’s somewhere I feel I belong,” Hannah explained. “We might not be from the same service or deployment, but you can come here and have a chat and there’ll be someone who knows what you’ve been through.”

Mr Edwards said this year’s RSL Centenary is an important milestone and the League was determined to modernise.

“We stand or fall on our good name here in the West and I think we stand pretty tall,” he said.

“We’re very actively involved in our community. We do an immense amount of work behind the scenes in terms of advocating for those who serve and have served.

“The RSL is here to help veterans and their families get through anything they might need us for. It doesn’t matter what – if you need help, come talk to us.”

4pm Saturday on Nine.


  1. I sincerely hope this gets a decent audience so people realise that all of us who dedicate many hours each and every week of the year to the League do it to help our troops, both serving and returned. I also hope it helps people to understand RSL Clubs are nothing to do with the League (Sub-branches) and only pay to use the name. Most of us who volunteer at sub-branches get no support from clubs.

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