Airdate: Inside Heston’s World

Mark this one in your diaries, as SBS follows Heston Blumenthal in Melbourne.


In what will surely be one of SBS’ biggest drawcards for the year, Inside Heston’s World premieres in late March.

The series sees the celebrity chef relocate his Fat Duck restaurant from London to Melbourne, where it became the hottest ticket in town.

“Moving The Fat Duck to Australia was unprecedented and certainly one of the longest and most exciting projects in the restaurant’s history. Juggling the creative evolution of the new Fat Duck and the world’s expectations, whilst the restaurant itself was a building site and the team were in Australia, was one of the most challenging personally,” he said.

The four part series was given extraordinary access by Blumenthal.

In 2015 the world-famous restaurant The Fat Duck closed its doors in Bray, England, for a significant refurbishment and huge creative evolution for its re-opening. For the first time ever in the history of gastronomy, a three Michelin starred world-class restaurant relocated in its entirety for a six month residency to the other side of the world.

Inside Heston’s World not only documents that incredible move, but also for the first time gives a behind-the-scenes look at the constant search for perfection and intense creative process The Fat Duck team faces daily. Offering an intimate and intriguing insight into the inner workings of chef Heston Blumenthal’s creative thinking and the dynamic of his incredible team. It’s a study in gastronomy, in humanity, and jeopardy, with a mixture of humour and mayhem.

For the first time ever and possibly never to be replicated, cameras have been provided with the incredibly rare opportunity to go behind the scenes of the world’s most unique restaurant and inside the life and mind of its renowned creator, Heston Blumenthal. Heston picks up the entire restaurant encompassing 50 staff, every piece of cutlery and crockery, his bespoke kitchen equipment and often difficult to source menu ingredients and moves it 10,500 miles to Crown Towers, Melbourne. It is here where he opens and runs The Fat Duck restaurant while the Bray, UK restaurant is being renovated – a mammoth challenge with many obstacles. And it’s here where he focuses on the big questions of how will The Fat Duck in Australia translate and what will the re-opening in England look like whilst the world’s expectation heightens.

This engaging 4-part series spends a full year following Heston and his team on their most extraordinary adventure to date. With exclusive behind-the-scenes access to the legendary three Michelin star restaurant, the series will explore the astonishingly creative adventures of Heston to reveal the real insight into the pioneer of multi-sensory cooking, the chef who simply changed the world of cooking today. Heston Blumenthal is a modern day Willy Wonka and Inside Heston’s World reveals the wizardry of the fantastic food creations that he and his talented team conjure up and provide to a full house day-after-day at a cost of $AUD500 plus per head.

The cameras gain a rare and intimate portrayal of life in Bray as a member of Heston’s team and the challenges of moving to Melbourne. It follows master sommeliers with wine cellars of incredible scale, waiters who must possess a faultless knowledge of the incredible detail and myriad of ingredients in every single dish, booking controllers in charge of fielding 36,000 phone calls a day and both kitchen and development chefs who work tirelessly to produce consistently excellent food and uphold three Michelin star standards.

Whilst Heston masterminds a brand new, multi-million dollar restaurant and kitchen build, and head chef Jonny Lake battles with adapting The Fat Duck’s famed, fifteen course menu to showcase Australian ingredients, the series highlights the pressure of the Melbourne move, the re-opening in Bray back in the UK and the journey in between.

Laying his hard-earned reputation on the line, and uprooting the entire Fat Duck family, this documentary questions and explores whether Heston’s expensive gamble will pay off.

8:30pm Thursday March 31 on SBS.

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