Carina joins Couch Time’s Billy


Couch Time host Billy Bentley has been joined by former Channel 31 presenter Carina Waye.

She replaces Jessica Skarratt who left in January.

Originally from Melbourne, her television career began when she won a radio competition to present at the Logie Awards red carpet, before moving on to present and produce Behind The Words on Channel 31.

She is also active in theatre, co-founding her own theatre company, Citizen Theatre.

Weekdays from 4pm on ELEVEN.


  1. Its good that they have finally found a replacement. The musical chairs of temporary offsiders were pretty hit and miss. The young blond dude being prabably the best of the bunch.

  2. I don’t understand the programming they have with Couch Time…. They are obviously trying to court a younger audience, yet have programs like Frasier and King of Queens, made more sense when they had Beverly Hills on, they should try to aim more for that audience, maybe get the rights to Degrassi or even play more 90210…..

    • Yes, it does seem they are now going for the older audience with those two comedies. I used to enjoy the Happy Days and Brady Bunch double. Pity they can’t find more good sit-coms in that ilk. The oldies already have the game shows at that time.

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