Casting begins on US adaptation of Upper Middle Bogan

Swoosie Kurtz and John Carroll Lynch are first cast aboard Robyn Butler & Wayne Hope's US series.


Two roles have been cast in the US adaptation of Upper Middle Bogan.

Swoosie Kurtz (Mike and Molly, Pushing Daisies, Sisters, Love Sidney) has been cast in the role of Margaret, the widowed mother of Bess who is revealed to have adopted her daughter. In the Australian production she was portrayed by Robyn Nevin.

Meanwhile John Carroll Lynch (The Walking Dead, American Horror Story) will play Wayne Wheeler, the hot rod lovin’ dad played by Glenn Robbins.

The US series, written by Robyn Butler, Wayne Hope and Dan O’Shannon, will have a new title for the US market.

Other roles are yet to be announced.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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