Comedy Central coming to Fetch TV

A Comedy Central channel will be launching on Fetch TV on April 1st.


A Comedy Central channel will be launching on Fetch TV on April 1st.

It will feature titles such as Workaholics, Inside Amy Schumer, Tosh.0, Broad City, The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, Comedy Central Roasts, Key and Peele, Chappelle’s Show, Drawn Together, Drunk History, Nathan for You, plus Aussie absurdist sketch group Aunty Donna and reruns of Friends.

The new channel will be curated from Australia but not available on Foxtel. Fairfax reports Foxtel’s Comedy Channel and the new Fetch TV Comedy Central channel will both have content made available to them at the same time from the US.

To celebrate the momentous launch of the world’s number one destination for face down, ass-off Aussie ROLF’ing, Comedy Central has joined forces with Spectrum Now Festival to entice the stars and co-creators of the hit U.S. series Workaholics – Blake Anderson, Adam Devine, Anders Holm and Kyle Newacheck – down-under for the very first time to host two nights of stand-up laughs at Comedy Central Presents: A Night of Stand Up with Workaholics and Special Guests. The first-ever Comedy Central event to be staged in Australia, which has already sold out both nights, will be filmed and broadcast on the new Comedy Central channel.

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  1. I hope Comedy Central goes onto Foxtel. Comedy Channel is full of ads and s**t reruns and it’s not even in HD. Comedy Central is ad free and full of new and fresh stuff! Foxtel should go to Viacom and get Comedy Central onto Foxtel instead of Comedy Channel (then all of the HBO comedy goes onto Showcase)

  2. Program fragmentation has become so rampant that it’s now “viewer beware”. Series 1 on this channel, series 2 on that channel etc. At least with syndicated shows they only channel hop and start all over again. There are some advantages, ATM there are 3 different David Attenborough series being shown on 3 FTA Networks in the same week!

    1. I’m actually quite happy with the current Comedy Central/HBO/Adult Swim mix they’ve got currently. I just wish they would dedicate more airtime to those networks instead of re-runs of big bang theory. Also HD wouldn’t hurt.

  3. Another example of what happens when Foxtel won’t share its channels with FetchTV. First it was HGTV and Food Network Asia because Foxtel wouldn’t offer LifeStyle Home and LifeStyle Food (respectively), and now Comedy Central because Foxtel won’t offer The Comedy Channel. Foxtel need to realise that unless they want to have more outside companies entering the local market (which is actually a good thing but Foxtel won’t see it that way) they need to start offering their channels to FetchTV. Plus it increases the reach of their local productions which is better for the local production industry.

    1. It wouldn’t surprise me if Foxtel changes The Comedy Channel branding to Comedy Central in the near future, as a lot of channels Foxtel has now have changed to be the US equivalent channel name.

      1. For that to occur Foxtel would have to lease the CC branding from Viacom and given there is now a CC channel in Australia that won’t be possible (only when there is no one else using a brand can it be leased for a market). My opinion is Foxtel should be forced to sell a portion of their channels for two reasons: 1) increase the amount of media companies in the Australian media industry; and 2) to reduce their monopoly in the Australian STV market. But this isn’t going to happen as Foxtel will refuse to give up any amount of control they have, and the government isn’t going to intervene on this issue. So basically it means that for the time being we aren’t going to see any other providers of linear channels launch as Foxtel has too many channels exclusively to themselves and it costs too much to have equivalent channels launched.

    2. There is no reason for Foxtel to offer their channels to any other provider. If they make them freely available then more providers will likely try and join the industry as the barriers to entry will be lower. I’m sure they are happy to let Food Network Asia come along and they keep the more recognised LifeStyle channels to themselves. Their profitability says there existing model of not being all things to all people seems to be working pretty well.

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