Football Federation unhappy with TEN report on “hooligans”


Football Federation Australia took to social media on Monday following a TEN Eyewitness News story in which disguised football “hooligans” threatened further disruptive action at games this weekend.

On Twitter FFA told its followers, “FFA has written to @channeltennews to express its disappointment about the inaccuracy in the story leading tonight’s news. The story does not only misrepresent the majority of fans, but @channeltennews made no attempt to contact us, provide fairness & accuracy.”

A TEN spokesperson told TV Tonight it offered a right of reply to FFA yesterday, but was declined.

Sandra Sully told Sydney viewers, “We’ve had the strangest response to the story we brought you last night about soccer hooligans -from the people who run the game.

“Football Federation Australia was quick to publicly criticise us for failing to get ‘their’ response to the hooligans claims.

“So today we offered them the chance to respond – which they curiously declined.”


  1. The FFA are a total joke. Their poor organisation explains the A-League tv ratings which have hit a new low this season. They are turning people away from the game and have no vision whatsoever.

  2. One of the reasons I dislike sport (apart from lack of interest), is that I cannot stand is the behaviour of some of the spectator/fans.
    Sure I get that a lot of them are really passionate and you know what, more power to them. It’s not them I have an issue with.

    I dislike the ones who take the game too seriously. I always find it ironic when some sporting person gives a geeky person a hard time when in essence its the same thing.
    If you’re wearing the sporting uniform of your favourite player, you’re cosplaying just like that girl who is wearing a Pokemon Trainer outfit.

    But that’s off point, I am talking more about the drunks on trains who yells at those who dare wear the colours of the opposing team, the ones who are more than happy to start a physical fight over the nights game.
    Just recently in the UK at what I presume was a soccer match, a whole side of a stadium was…

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