Foxtel may win in possible changes to anti-siphoning list

Dept of Communications reportedly advises Minister to make minor changes to the "anti-siphoning list."


Foxtel could nab more sports rights after the Department of Communications advised Communications Minister Mitch Fifield to make minor changes to the “anti-siphoning list.”

Fairfax reports it recommended removing some “minor” events – such as the FA Cup final – from the list of 1300 sports events

Foxtel chief executive Richard Freudenstein has called repeatedly for events such as the FA Cup final, the US Masters golf, the US Open tennis and matches in the FIFA World Cup not involving Australia be taken off the list.

No changes are expected to NRL, AFL or the Melbourne Cup.

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  1. This is going to be a tough ask given the current economic circumstances that people are going through. Its hard enough trying to convince the public of having something done that is in the national interest but this will be enormously hard. Goodluck to the Communications minister. Personally the list should stay as is. Also the statement by FOXtel’s CEO shows how much the EPL will be missed on FOXtel, although i suspect that Optus and FOXtel will do a similar deal that exists between SkySports and British Telecom.

    1. Given that there is some ruling (I think ACMA – someone correct me) that Foxtel must offer all sports channels on offer, if Optus decided to launch a channel to show the EPL that wouldn’t be a problem for Foxtel subscribers. However, as I understand it anyway, in the case of BT in the UK they not only acquired the EPL but a variety of other ESPN UK rights which ultimately saw the purchase and closure of ESPN UK. But given Optus have only gotten the EPL (at this stage anyway) we will more likely see them on-sell their rights to an existing broadcaster (my bet would be beIN given it already is connected to Optus via FetchTV).

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