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Sunrise today unveiled its brand new set at 5:30am today, its first major overhaul in 6 years.

Showing off a glossy, white look, the Martin Place studio is also making more of its streetfront windows. It now features two desk positions, a couch, performance area, more screens including a touchscreen plasma.

Sam Armytage invited viewers to come and take a peek through the windows while David Koch was concerned the couch should be covered in plastic. That idea was soon shot down.

Edwina Bartholomew joins as a 5th presenter from today, so far covering entertainment, social media and feature stories (meaning she will not only be covering entertainment).

Meanwhile Angela Cox is joining Weekend Sunrise to cover for Monique Wright on maternity leave.









  1. Yes I have to agree – the new set is bright with all that orange. I cannot stand the “live” flashing up when the news comes on – so tacky. I do not find it an improvement and will be changing channels if they do not do something and I have been a regular with Sunrise for so long.

  2. There is nothing very special about that set. Quite bland. Not much for the huge expense they would have paid an American to design it. And those in your face headlines and graphics are just awful. Why do we feel we have to copy America with this stuff. Seven….Contact me next time and I will put you onto some set designers and broadcast designers that have style and class.

  3. I only caught about 20 minutes this morning but really like the new look as well as graphic and camera style which borrows so obviously from NBC Today, but it works. Decent job!

  4. Thought the set looked very bright and am not sure about it yet, but think as time goes by and you get used to it, you wont even notice the brightness, but think it is an improvement of the previous set which I think was way out of date, not sure more window space is such a good idea with so many stupid people outside trying to get attention all the time, they may have some means in the new set of blocking it off if it gets too much.

  5. Well they did get an American to do the set…can’t Seven find a local set designer or do they think we won’t notice how they are copying Today (US) & Good Morning America.
    I am waiting for Today’s new set. I assume it will be unveiled next week to tie in with the launch of Today Extra.

  6. Remember the set Ray Martin had on ACA on his return? It was like a fridge – lots white. You have to very very careful as on TV white can give the viewer a “cold” feeling and very clinical..

  7. The desk and couch are way too small and Edwina needs to be on the front desk like the rest of them.otherwise the set is refreshing.over at the today show same old same least at seven they try to freshen things up that’s why Sunrise is number one.

  8. I hope Nelson Aspen still has a strong presence on the show. Now that Eddy is doing entertainment I hope he isn’t just phased out. Any chance you could get some clarity on his position David? Thanks.

  9. Wow it’s bright! Looks like a bit like a home appliance design showroom.
    So the people standing outside waving at the camera are more noticeable now? Surely this is just going to be distracting? I understand them wanting to make the viewers feel more a part of the show but does anyone other than the person they’re on the phone to want to see them waving through the window?
    If this is public property (Martin place outside) surely people could hold up signs saying anything and there’s nothing sunrise could do about it?

  10. Set looks great, but supered bottom of frame graphics way too big. Not only the size, but do we really need all that info. Didn’t like the headline feature either.

  11. If I could describe the new set in one word it would be…Bright!
    I don’t know why they dragged Bec Maddern in there. It looked a little crowded with 6 on the couch.

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