Home and Away leads new VPM ratings


Home and Away has topped the very first Video Player Measurement ratings released today by OzTAM -the new ratings system in video catch-up on mobiles, tablets, desktops, games consoles and Smart TVs.

OzTAM has released two numbers of rolling data, February 7 -13th and February 8 -14th. They show Seven titles dominating the first figures with 9 of the top 10 individual episodes.

Home and Away leads with a VPM rating as high as 54,000. This represents the number of devices that viewed a single programme, not the number of people.

My Kitchen Rules is next best as high as 52,000 then Here Come the Habibs! up to 45,000.

Jack Irish drew the most video plays for ABC at 24,000.

Best for TEN was The X-Files at 21,000, The Family Law had 10,000 for SBS and Ex on the Beach was best for Foxtel on 3,000.



A VPM (Video Player Measurement) Rating is the total minutes of a program played across all devices divided by the content length and rounded to the nearest thousand. If a 30 minute show has 600,000 minutes of content played, then 600,000 ÷ 30 = 20,000 VPM rating.

The figures do not include Live streaming.

NB: TV Tonight is currently assessing a publishing  / reporting methodology of the new VPM data on an on-going basis.


  1. No one in their right mind would watch PLUS7. There’s six commercials every break and more breaks than on the FTA version. Plus if there’s a good program of 7 (The Kylie Christmas special, for example) PLUS7 won’t even stream it.

  2. Cool it lists episode numbers and or titles.

    Will hopefully put an end to ABC press releases boosting millions of iViewings by counting failed connections for and entire season.

    • Got a reliable source for that?

      I don’t doubt that it’s true, but only because I’d bet they’ve all inflated their figures the same way. Heck, I bet I counted for 10 viewings of Molly Pt.1 simply because 7Play freezes/crashes all the time – something iView rarely does, for me at least.

  3. Plus7 and Iview are the best with both rarely having issues. (I have worked out how to skip the ads on Plus7)

    Ten play is the worst, always slow, crashing, freezing picture but audio continues so the audio is sometimes 1 minute ahead of the visual.

  4. We also had issues with 9Now last night. After several times trying we finally managed to start it streaming from my husband’s tablet, but we couldn’t get it Chromecasting. The ads were also just black with dialogue. It didn’t worry me, but I wouldn’t have been happy if I’d been the companies paying for them!

    • Tried the Ipad, came up with an error message that Video is not supported for this device or something…. Streaming works intermittently but catch up nothing at all.

  5. Don’t have problems with 7plus, however I can’t get view *any* catchup of 9Now. The website loads fine, but when I click on a video to play all I see is the nine dots “loading” screen. Tried in Chrome, Firefox and IE didn’t fix it at all.
    David, looking at those VPM numbers, Nine’s figures are significantly smaller than Seven and Ten. Could it be due to similar issues that I can facing?

    • Nine isn’t airing anything likely to be highly caught up at the moment — highly popular shows or dramas for example. The fact their their catch-up service had the worse and most annoying ad serving won’t have helped build up its popularity.

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