If You are the One couple break up with a text message


What happens to romance after the TV cameras stop rolling?

Even on If You Are The One it’s not exactly perfect. Just ask the participants on the Australian specials, filmed for SBS.

For Ben McMahon, 24, and Feng Guo, 26 it was apparently “love at first sight,” but the romance is already over -ended with a text message. Ouch.

According to SBS, after going on a filmed date in Shanghai, the couple hadn’t seen each other for several weeks when they were meant to spend Valentine’s Day weekend together in Melbourne, where Ben lives.

“I took her to breakfast, then lunch, then dinner,” Ben said of their filmed date on Saturday, February 13. But later that evening, once the cameras stopped rolling, the romance appeared to fade and by Monday night, Ben had ended the relationship with a text message.

“Feng made it clear that I wasn’t her type,” Ben insisted.

But Feng remembers that night a little differently.

“The conversation I had with him on Saturday night where I said to him, ‘You have to relax and be yourself around me’, that wasn’t a break up conversation,” she said. “That was a me-being-honest-and-up-front-with-him conversation.”

A visit to a gallery without TV cameras did not happen. Feng also invited Ben to a family dinner in Sydney but Ben suggested they go their separate ways.

“I was really shocked because I had planned dinner for us,” Feng said. “I had planned all these different dates to get to know him more… but then I get the message the night before he’s supposed to come. My family had prepared and bought all this food and we were going to welcome him… and then he sends this message the night before at midnight.

“How ironic that all the filming has wrapped up and the backstory has aired and now he’s not interested.”

“It’s unfortunate that Feng and I didn’t work out,” Ben said. “We both realised after spending some time together without the cameras, that we weren’t suited to each other. And that’s okay. You shouldn’t expect too much more from a reality show where you spend 45 minutes on stage and you have to pick someone.”

Not the One after all…


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