I’m a Celebrity takes timeslot, Nine wins Thursday.


Without My Kitchen Rules to contend with, Nine and TEN enjoyed a little bit of sunshine on Thursday.

But no show managed to top a million viewers, either.

Nine News topped the night at 992,000 viewers, ahead of Seven News reaching 967,000 viewers.

Home and Away won at 7pm with 792,000 over ABC News (786,000) and A Current Affair (743,000).

I’m A Celebrity Get me Out of Here won its timeslot with 890,000 viewers and was the top entertainment show of the night.

The Family Law on SBS drew 291,000.

Nine won with 27.2% then Seven 25.1%, TEN 22.5%, ABC 18.0% and SBS 7.2%.

OzTAM Overnights: Thursday 4 February 2016


  1. spectrum warrior

    I’m a big fan of ch10, but putting someone in this sort of situation is not entertainment. Or should I say “it should not be entertainment”

  2. Channel Ten’s programming and more particularly Bogans in the Bush is an insult to most people’s intelligence. How many times can you watch people being put in disgusting situations and find it “entertaining.” If the mindless watch this garbage, Ten will run more of it because they think it rates. It just goes to show that no matter how dull, pointless or generally bad something is there will always be an audience.

    • I’d prefer to watch Celebs in the Bush, than Bogans in the Kitchen. There are enough cooking shows in TV. It is great to see Ten doing something different. Loved it last year and loving it again this year. As for your last sentence…. “Dull, pointless and generally bad” same words I would use for most reality shows especially MKR. If you think that about IACGMOOH then I don’t think your the target audience and probably haven’t watched an episode anyway. I know I don’t like the premace of many shows but I like to at least give them a go before I bag them out.

  3. I want Ten to succeed with their new shows. At least they are trying things and new formats. I just feel they need to rethink their 6.00pm to 7.30pm offering. Since Jessica Rowe works on Studio 10 they should offer a sxxtload of money to Peter Overton to read news at 6pm.

    • Ten are very happy with FF and The Project feeding a young audience into 7:30pm.

      Ten tried going head to head with Nine and Seven at 6-7pm with news and serious left wing current affairs a few years ago. It was the biggest mistake in the history of Australian TV and almost destroyed the entire network. There is no room for a 3rd commercial TV news, and Ten don’t have the resources to do all the local petty crime and outrage stories that Nine and Seven manufacture every day.

      • Ten might be pleased with Demos and buzz from their shows. But I can’t seem how they would be “very happy” to have the top rating entertainment show of the night (and the top rating show at all after 6pm) and still come third. I think they would be very happy if their youth-centric alternatives were a little more competitive in the early evening.

      • Biggest mistake in tv history???? Wow. I would say there have been many bigger. Sure 6pm news was not a success but how much better is family feud doing just on ten without the simulcast and the project at 6.30 is not a huge success (from 7pm it it does well…I wished it did better). Ten had a few rough years due to a number of programs being axed that were important to the ten brand. Late news, video hits, afl rights, the circle. Ten lost lots of viewers and people had no reason to watch ten and it is slowly coming back and taking it years to recover. The fact is ten is quite competitive after 7.30. But it is 6-7.30pm where it gets badly beaten and causes it to be a distant third every night. It will never be number 1 with its current 6-7.30pm ratings

  4. Pleasing to see IACGMOH doing well and on the plus side it has increased it ratings without the dreaded simulcast. Boring programming by seven. Enjoying the family law also

  5. Seven has always struggled on Thursday nights, but got what it deserved with 4 Big Bang Theory repeats from 8.00, followed by a repeat (sorry, “encore”) screening of First Dates from one day earlier at 10.00. Amazingly, it still beat Ten though. It’s the early evening programming where Ten always lose out and can very very rarely make up that ground over the evening.

  6. yay! go IACGMOH. So proud it was top entertainment show of night. I know MKR destroys it in ratings but hopefully a few more eyeballs on the show will attract new viewers that will hopefully stay for next episode

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