Inside Story: Feb 4

Inside Story profiles Dr Munjed Al Muderis, an Iraqi refugee who has become a skilled orthopedic surgeon.


Inside Story returns for a fourth series on Thursday with Leila McKinnon.

Featuring stories “from the heart-warming to the heartbreaking – human dramas, adventures, mysteries, medical miracles and real-life crime – stories that shock, entertain, intrigue and challenge” the first episode is “Walking Free.”

How could Arnold Schwarzenegger possibly inspire a 12-year-old boy to become one of the world’s great orthopedic surgeons?

A good question, and just one of many intriguing twists in the life of Dr Munjed Al Muderis: A privileged young Iraqi, living in luxury, who defied a dictator and narrowly escaped a bullet in the head; A refugee who arrived here on our shores with nothing. Not even a name – just a number.

And now he’s a proud and brilliant Australian … a miracle worker … who has pioneered revolutionary bionic surgery to help people walk again.

7:30pm Thursday on Nine.

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