Irwins to enter I’m a Celebrity jungle


Bindi Irwin, Bob Irwin and Terri Irwin are heading into I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! on Monday.

The Irwins will be “a surprise delivery dropped into the African jungle” in a special edition of What’s In The Box?

Last year TEN dropped Grant Denyer into the jungle in a mystery box, but he didn’t stay.

It isn’t yet clear if any or all of the Irwins will remain in the jungle (clearly ‘creepy crawly’ challenges wouldn’t faze them, but others endurance tests might).

When TEN dropped hints about their cast there was some speculation about Bindi Irwin’s participation as she met all the criteria for: “A female Television Icon who is a Silver Logie winner and a household name in over 20 countries.”

It turned out to be Val Lehman.

7:30pm Monday on TEN.


  1. IMO so the blurb”no makeup,no comns” is a falsehood or do “celebs” sign up on conditions?, so much for it being a “jungle”experience ,it’s just an artificial show,where are the wild animals?, show us sanitized and people actually believe they are doing it hard, Warne $60k a day…yep really hard

  2. After last night we won’t be watching anymore, supposed to be no makeup etc,yet the model with eyebrows and the DJ wear make up, the people selected for the dares’s all setup,the show is plastic & Julia Morris has become totally unwatchable with her stilted antics and unfunny gags.

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