Jack Irish returns well for ABC, Nine wins Thursday.


Nine has its first official ratings win of the year -but it did so without any show topping 900,000 viewers and with the help of an extra multichannel.

On primary channels Seven was in front (and TEN not far behind) so having the additional 2.8% share from 9Life helped a bunch. But a win is a win, nonetheless.

On the individual show front, TEN’s I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here benefitted from being the sole Reality show at 7:30pm and won its timeslot.

ABC’s Thursday drama slot, where nearly all of its key assets will screen across the year, is off to a good start. Jack Irish drew 711,000 viewers.

A big drop from ACA to Inside Story for Nine would not be good to see repeated, maybe viewers weren’t drawn to the Hillsong topic.

Nine network won the night with 27.3% then Seven 25.5%, TEN 21.1%, ABC 19.3% and SBS 6.8%.

Nine News (897,000 / 844,000) led for Nine followed by A Current Affair (801,000), RBT (517,000), Inside Story (499,000), Kings Cross ER  (488,000) and Hot Seat (416,000). An Hour to Save Your Life was 326,000.

Seven News won with 955,000/ 916,000 for Seven then Home and Away (753,000), The Chase (563,000 / 382,000), The Big Bang Theory (419,000) and Movie: The Avengers (375,000).

I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here won its timeslot with 791,000 viewers. The Project was 561,000 / 460,000, TEN Eyewitness News was 460,000 and Law and Order: SVU was 401,000 / 270,000.

ABC News (792,000), Jack Irish (711,000), 7:30  (620,000), Hatch Match & Dispatch (532,000) and No Offence (411,000) comprised ABC’s night.

On SBS it was Food Safari Fire (312,000), Rachel Khoo’s Kitchen Notebook: London (208,000), The Family Law (186,000), The Bridge (135,000) and SBS World News (134,000).

Shaun the Sheep ruled multichannels yet again with 212,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Thursday 11 February 2016.


  1. I agree on all your points Ronnie. Jack Irish felt really old-fashioned and quite self-conscious. Let’s hope the change in Drama helps the ABC reset things – maybe first step is to not use the same Production Companies and Writers over and over again.

  2. I feel a sense of justice in the fact that Big Bang has rated very average every time it’s been on 7 (willing to be corrected – but certainly true for the last two Thursdays)

  3. Secret Squïrrel

    I watched Jack Irish last night and I was reminded of why I wasn’t able to watch more than half of the first ep of the first miniseries. Comic book characters spouting expositional dialogue describing a story straight out of a Boy’s Own Annual.

    I also don’t understand why Dusseldorp gets so many props for displaying the same narrow range of facial expressions in everything she does. “I’m a serious journalist. I’ve won awards”. Yes, that is exactly how all the serious journos I know speak.

    I did enjoy No Offence once it got going. Will be watching next week.

  4. A quick look at the numbers and demos tells us 86% of the audience for Dr. Blake is 55+ (32,000 people out of 1M in the 18-39 demo meaning no-one under 40 is watching ) and 80% of the audience for Jack Irish is 55+. These dramas don’t appeal to the under 55s because they are dated and simply not good enough. (Did anyone else feel like Janet King wandered onto the wrong set?) This situation will sadly continue most of the year. The audience for Molly turned up because there was a deep, emotional connection to the story. It captured a moment in time that defined our popular culture. The ABC now has a once in a generation opportunity to reshape ABC Drama. Please don’t waste it.

  5. If you read this blog from the bottom to the top, like me, you’ll understand why Google gave me the message “Did you mean: manchurians”. If not, then “silly old duffer” maybe on the tip of your tongue. Of course, I read the replies to comments top to bottom.
    Unless viewers want to watch the same news twice “The Project” cracked the magic 1m.

  6. In Jack Irish we have another trashy aussie drama with unbelievable characters & cliched dialogue.I was cringing!I am surprised Peter Temple allowed the producers free rein with the script & I wonder if he regrets it, And yet another opportunity for Marta Dusseldorp to pose for the camera.Also an actor of Guy Pearce’s calibre deserves better material than this.The producers of Aussie drama in this country should take a bit more notice of British drama as an example of how to produce quality programmes like No Offence which followed Jack Irish.

  7. I love the genre and world that Jack Irish occupies. I just really couldn’t get into the writing and therefore the characters.

    Still longing for a gripping Aussie espionage series I can obsess myself with.

  8. No Offence gets 411k and The Bridge 135k.

    With the rapid fire slang and Mancurian accents, No Offence needed subtitling too! Didn’t last very long into it before watching The Bridge.

  9. It was nice to see Guy Pearce and Annie Jones together on Jack Irish, memories of Mike and Plain Jane Super Brain from Neighbours for those who stretch back that far….
    I am also surprised that Ch7 doesnt split the two episodes of Home and Away on a Thurs night, would be interesting to see which rates higher….

    • I just watched the Saturday night ep and was thrilled when I saw Annie Jones turn up in the same scene with Guy. Probably their first time on screen together since neighbours. But the show is full of people that have worked to together before. Claudia Carvan is another of Guys former co-starts. The name of their movie escapes me. And Shane Jacobson was in Time of our Lives with Claudia.

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