Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery: Feb 17

Julia Zemiro travels to Narromine NSW to find out more about cricketer Glenn McGrath.


Tonight on Home Delivery, Julia Zemiro travels to Narromine in Central Western NSW to find out more about cricketer Glenn McGrath.

Glenn takes Julia to the farm he grew up on and shows Julia the shed and the 44 gallon drum he used to spend countless hours practicing his bowling.

At Narromine High School he tells Julia about the crippling shyness that led him to leave school in Year Ten, despite being an ‘A’ Student. Even after leaving school, professional cricket was a distant dream and he worked in various jobs from barman to labourer.

Julia and Glenn finish the day at the local cricket green. As a bunch of young cricketers set up for a game, Glenn reveals a sliding doors moment when he missed out on a job working on a bridge building team, freeing him up to play in a game against a neighbouring town. At this game he was spotted by test legend Dougie Walters, which became the catalyst to Glenn’s amazing international career.

Glenn talks about retirement and the strength he took from his first wife, Jane, who died of breast cancer. Glenn is swamped by the autograph-hunting young cricketers. He bowls the first ball of their game, which is dispatched to the boundary with aplomb.

8pm tonight on ABC.

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