Missed Molly or Grease: Live? Repeats to the rescue


I don’t normally file on repeats but these two shows have attracted a fair bit of attention.

If you missed Molly or Grease: Live they are both being replayed on Friday.

Molly will screen at 12 midday on Seven on Friday.

Grease: Live will replay at 7:30pm Friday on GEM (bonus earlier start means it ends at 10:20pm instead of an hour later).



      • HD masters exist of virtually all current Australian shows/telemovies, but it’s more likely that audiences overseas will get to see them in HD before we ever do. Most Australian shows/telemovies are available for purchase in HD via iTunes and the like, but they’re at only a small fraction of the quality of Blu-ray (iTunes has a lot of compression artefacts), and very, very few U.S. shows are released on Blu-ray, let alone local content.

        In fact, most shows *should* be filmed at 4K nowadays in order to future proof them.

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