MKR, First Dates a match made in Seven

Ratings: Seven's new dating show reaches a new high, as Nine struggles with The Embassy.


Wednesday was another night of Seven showing the competition how it’s done.

My Kitchen Rules scored its second best figure this season of 1.69m viewers, while First Dates reaches a new high of 978,000 viewers -better than anything Nine or TEN could offer all night.

TEN’s I’m a Celebrity held firm compared to last Wednesday, down by just 3,000 viewers, there were big problems for Nine. The Embassy fell to fourth in its timeslot, down 117,000.

Both The Weekly and Home Delivery lifted for ABC.

Seven Network was 36.4% then Nine 24.6%, TEN 16.8%, ABC 16.0% and SBS 6.3%.

My Kitchen Rules (1.69m), Seven News (1.05m / 996,000), First Dates (978,000), Home and Away (885,000) and The Chase (568,000 / 382,000).

Nine News (953,000 / 888,000), A Current Affair (854,000), The Big Bang Theory (789,000 / 579,000), Hot Seat (537,000) and The Embassy (372,000). Movie: Oceans Thirteen was 211,000.

I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here was 688,000 for TEN. The Project was 552,000 / 460,000, TEN Eyewitness News was 471,000, Madam Secretary was 445,000 and The Good Wife was 283,000.

ABC News (806,000) led for ABC then 7:30 (599,000), The Weekly with Charlie Pickering (545,000), Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery (539,000), Black Comedy (339,000) and The Last Leg (338,000). Antiques Roadshow was 243,000.

On SBS it was 24 Hours in Emergency (246,000), Tony Robinson’s Victory in Europe (205,000), The Missing (160,000) and SBS World News (125,000).

Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom was again best on multichannels at 211,000.

Today: 319,000
Sunrise: 318,000
ABC News Breakfast: 100,000 / 61,000

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 17 February 2016

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  1. I’m also enjoying first dates, but I would like to see a greater spread of age groups. I realise the younger crowd are going to be the core and there have been some older couples on, but I can’t say I’ve seen a lot of people in their late 30’s and early 40’s, which can offer those that are yet to settle down and those that are on their ‘second’ time around and could make interesting viewing.

  2. i am enjoying First Dates. its a great way to observe certain personalities. There are interesting people in that show, that are microcosmic of Australia today. Scared, selfish and ego driven. You cant meet somebody and expect there to be a instant chemistry or attraction or anything that is worth it. it doesn’t work that way. For those reasons it was entertaining similar to other shows of that genre.

  3. First Dates is a massive hit in our household of 2 forty-somethings and 2 20-somethings. Absolute heaven to be able to watch a refreshingly funny reality show with the kid and her free-loader!

    1. Bizarre, considering they have triumphed with the Bachelor and Bachelorette and they continue to grow ep, after ep, after ep. not really sure what you are getting at with your comment. the only reason 7 is doing two or three dating shows this year is due to the success of TEN.

  4. Can’t get over how good the casting is for First Dates. Very entertaining stuff, I am not surprised it is riding high in the ratings. Loving MKR this year, though I am surprised they are having three initial instant restaurant rounds, I don’t recall them doing that before and having such a large pool of contestants. Perhaps they are cutting back on the challenge rounds that come after the instant restaurants wrap up?

    1. If I remember rightly, they did 3 instant restaurant rounds last year but the third was a “surprise” announced at the end of the second with some of the teams from the first two doing it again… MKR as a result seemed to go forever lot finishing until May – which I suspect will happen this year as well.

      Current joke at our house is that the MKR Grand Finale will air after the AFL Grand Final.

  5. It’s a shame Neighbours it not topping multichannels these days. It’s been improving a lot over the past 12 months. In the UK, they air it twice a day on Channel 5, then again on 5+1, so 4 airings a day. Surely we could drop in a late night and early morning repeat to help bring back viewers.

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