New cast joins The Missing S2

Tchéky Karyo returns as Julien Baptiste, with a new case, new characters and a new location.


Filming has commenced on a second series of The Missing.

Tchéky Karyo returns as Julien Baptiste, with a new case, new characters and a new location.

The 8 part series follows Sam and Gemma, played by David Morrissey and Keeley Hawes, whose daughter Alice went missing in 2003. In 2014, a young British woman stumbles through the streets of her German hometown and collapses. Her name is Alice Webster (Abigail Hardingham), and she has been missing for 11 years. Alice’s return sends shockwaves through the small community.

Told in dual timelines, flitting between 2014 and the present day, it follows Alice’s family as they are thrown back into a turmoil that threatens to tear them apart at the seams. When French missing person’s detective Julien Baptiste races across Europe to pursue a 12-year-old case that he never let die, we begin to explore the murky morality and emotional complexity of what happens when the missing child you’ve been longing to return actually comes back.

The Missing will again be written by Harry and Jack Williams, and is directed in its entirety by Ben Chanan (Cyberbully, The Last Kingdom).

Harry and Jack Williams, said, “While we were writing the first series, we began talking about what the show would have been had Oliver Hughes been found. This story grew out of that discussion. It’s the other side of the coin to series one – an exploration of loss, of freedom, of how the past can shape the present in myriad ways that we cannot fully understand. It’s bigger, more ambitious, and we’re delighted to have such a brilliantly talented cast joining Julien Baptiste for a new case.”


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  1. Spoiler Alert: I loved the ending of Season 1. I thought it was very realistic, that the father wouldn’t give up, and the son wouldn’t know him if he met him as he would have been too young to remember. A really horrific but very satisfying end.

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