“No plans” for more Arrested Development


Sorry fans of Arrested Development. Looks like you will be waiting a lot longer after all.

Actor Jason Bateman has told Zap2It he is confused about where rumours of more episodes have their basis.

“I don’t know where that got started,” he says. “There is no plan. I haven’t heard of anything solid going forward.”

Last June producer Brian Grazer confirmed production would begin, with Netflix keen for more.

Earlier this month Jeffery Tambor diplomatically answered a question on a possible return by saying “We’re always coming back….”

“I have no start date. I haven’t been told to show up on a set,” added Bateman.


  1. Yeah, it’s so hard to know at all with these guys. I am pretty sure I recently read Mitchell Hurwitz saying he was writing a new season and really wanted it out before the end of the year.

    I am just going to assume they all have a standard, “Say nothing until it is 100% official and confirmed.”

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