Offsiders: Feb 7

Guests: Waleed Aly, Kelli Underwood and Richard Hinds.


Sports panel show Offsiders returns to ABC tomorrow, with host Gerard Whateley.

Guests include Waleed Aly (The Project), Kelli Underwood (ABC Sport) and Richard Hinds (News Corp).

“Not a week goes by in modern sports without an issue that reaches far beyond the fields of play,” says Whateley.

10am Sunday on ABC.


2 Responses

  1. Is this crap still going? Does anybody actually watch it? It seems to be nothing more than an extra-curricular indulgence by Barrie Cassidy and an attempt to fill a hole in the schedule when very few people are watching TV. I call it the sports show for wimps.

  2. Topics: cricket, the never-ending Essendon drugs saga, cricket, yet another NRL boofhead who has been excoriated for doing something that wasn’t that bad, cricket, and Whateley will manage to squeeze in something about his beloved horse racing while ignoring most other sports.

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