“Overexposed” Karl Stefanovic to host This Time, Next Year

Just weeks after signing a new network contract, Karl has another primetime gig on the way.


Nine has not had to look very far for its host for This Time Next Year, announcing the role has gone to newly re-signed Karl Stefanovic.

The UK format sees Aussies seeking a change in their life, whether physical or otherwise, walking through one door to explain all to the host then filmed 12 months later coming through another door completely transformed. Those ambitions could include whether overcoming a setback, finding love, fix ing their flaws, reuniting with a relative or achieving a world first.

Karl Stefanovic said: “This is such a wonderfully positive and unique program. I’m really excited to watch how these people progress and make significant changes in their lives.”

Stefanovic lands the role despite other primetime commitments this year including a return for The Verdict and regular 60 Minutes reports. It also comes despite the Today host being voted Most Overexposed Personality in the recent TV Tonight Awards.

Nine is still taking applications for its 2017 show via www.thistimenextyear.com.au or call 02 9906 9999.

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  1. The Verdict will probably be axed by the time this airs and he might even have left Today too.

    Quick question from a Brit but I take it he and the other main breakfast show hosts all work Monday through to Friday, something which doesn’t really happen on UK breakfast/morning/news shows anymore with the main hosts only doing 3-4 days a week at most. It didn’t used to be that way but shows began giving long serving hosts Fridays off in the late 90s and it just stuck.

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