Ray Warren signals retirement at the end of 2016


“The voice of Rugby League” commentator Ray Warren has signalled his intention to retire at the end of the 2016.

“Fifty and out. I like that,” Warren told Fairfax Media.

“I’m thinking this season will be it for me, I’m thinking that way.

“In fact, I’d be happy to get through the year, to be honest.”

The veteran broadcaster has been dealing with health issues since a prostate cancer diagnosis in 2011.

“If I can go on, I will but I’m just telling you the honest truth,” Warren said.

“At the moment, if I get through this year I’ll be happy.”

Warren began radio broadcasting in 1966, and has commentated for Nine since 1988.


  1. dont care when ever my team was on nine i listened to the radio call cannot stand the stupidity that they go on with the talking about ch9 shows and gus going on about what horse you backing on the w/end thx Foxsports every game not just ch9 favs and Brisbane every Friday nite is a joke

    • I agree with you about the betting stuff. There’s nothing worse than,
      “And just before we get back to the action, a quick word from Joel Cain at Sportsbet…”
      Thing is, don’t kid yourself that Fox won’t be any different with their coverage. How else do you think they pay for the broadcast rights?

      • ok but you dont have pop ups promoting some stupid reality show or the commentators talking about shows they call the game and thats what people want

        • Oh yeh, that too. Great try by Dane Gagai, he’s come into form just in time for Origin, Knights 12 Brisbane 10, and make sure you’re watching tomorrow night on Nine for the next episode of, “We Know You Hate This Show But We’ll Promote It Anyway”… hahaha

  2. I agree that Ray’s play by play is obviously suffering with age but love his entertainment value .. He does three hours on dead set legends on mmm Sydney on sat mornings and is hilarious

  3. Ray should have retired 10-15 years ago at his peak. The last few years when i have had to watch channel 9 he has been absolutely terrible getting players names wrong and not knowing what has gone on in the game. Anyway, only 4 more games i’ll have to put up with him this year thanks to the great new Fox Sports deal and them having their own commentary teams.

  4. …and its not before time. The sooner 9 get someone who can keep up with the game and not remind of players in years past the better. Can’t go past Andrew Voss or Warren Smith.

    • Oh no, not Vossy! Please, not Andrew Voss! Oh, and No! No! No! No! No! Not Ray bloody Hadley!
      You know who’d be perfect for the job? Tim Gilbert. He’s commentated on plenty of first grade NRL games already, and I believe he’d bring the same enthusiasm and love of the game each week as Rabs has done. Congrats to Ray, the Doyen of Rugby League commentary. The game just won’t be the same without…
      “Oh, crunching tackle!”

  5. Armchair Analyst

    First Dennis and now Ray. They certainly dont make them like they used to. i think Nine will get Voss back for sure. There needs to be more of a nurturing of play by play callers.

  6. I was thinking of him retiring in 2017, but now he’s going to retire in Oct 2016. Why not make a video about Ray Warren’s unbelievable life about his commentary back in his days. And do the same for Dennis Commetti when he retires at the 2016 AFL Grand Final.

  7. He will be sorely missed after this season. He was planning to retire after the London Olympics in 2012 but its good he’s kept going for this long. Nine will get Ray Hadley to be the primary caller of league as a replacement, there’s really no one else who could fill the role.

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