Report: Optus to renew with Fetch TV


Optus is reportedly set to renew a 5 year contract with Fetch TV as it prepares to broadcast the English Premier League in Australia.

“[The new deal] will be done well in advance of the new [EPL] season,” Optus chief executive Allen Lew told Fairfax. “But it definitely will be done.

“Fetch is our partner in TV and we’ll definitely get that nutted out long before the season starts.”

The article suggests the EPL service on Fetch TV will be limited to customers that have signed up with Optus, but it may sell viewers access to the games.

The deal with Optus is also vital for the success of Fetch TV, which industry sources believe have about 325,000 devices in the market.


  1. David, your ‘related’ story links need some work. I clicked on the “Optus satellite set for August launch’ only to find it was a story from 2009. 7 years ago! This left me thinking these links are there only to add clicks on your site and not as a genuine service for readers as I’d been deceived into clicking on it. This is not the first time I’ve clicked on a related link only to find it’s an old story which leaves me feeling ripped off. I’d be interested to know what other readers think about this.

    • Thanks for the feedback, whilst I appreciate the problem these are WordPress automatic and not selected by me. The only practical alternative is to remove them entirely, which I would rather avoid.

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