Returning: Good Game

Gamers at the ready! Bajo, Hex, Goose and Nichboy return to ABC2 wth a one hour special.


Good Game returns to ABC2 tomorrow with Bajo, Hex, Goose and Nichboy, with game reviews, insider interviews, and stories from the world of gaming.

Also returning this year are Good Game: Spawn Point for younger gamers (on ABC3) and Good Game: Pocket.

The new series will kick off with an hour-long special, featuring a first look at Far Cry Primal, plus reviews of the charming platformer Unravel, the hardcore strategy of XCOM 2, the mind-bending puzzles of The Witness, plus a whole lot more!

Good Game fans can look forward to being a part of our very active and entertaining tweet stream (#ggtv) during the show, as well as being able to access Good Game content across a variety of electronic devices, smart phones, tablets, computers, game consoles, YouTube, iview and the tried and trusty TV.

8:30pm Tuesday on ABC2.

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  1. From time to time I ponder with the popularity of video games at the moment and the relative success of this show, why doesn’t one of the other networks have a go at putting together a similar show? Ten did several years back and I liked that little show.

  2. Fantastic show. I have watched it since the early days with former host Junglist. I still remember the whole Hex/Junglist replacement fiasco. Good Game is my go to show for funny, honest game reviews and gaming entertainment. I believe its an excellent use of taxpayers funds at the ABC. Bajo and Hex appear to have an excellent on screen chemistry while Goose and Nichboy deliver informed gaming segments of their own.

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