Returning: Once Upon a Time, The Amazing Race, The Muppets, Mindy Project

7flix confirms timeslots for new seasons of US shows.


Seven’s new digital channel, 7flix, launches 6am Sunday on Channel 76 with a mix of movies and US shows.

Primetime first run series next week include:

Once Upon a Time
Season 4 Australian premiere
Monday, February 29 at 7.30pm

The Muppets
Series return, double episode
Tuesday, March 1 at 7.30pm

The Mindy Project
Series return, double episode
Wednesday, March 2 at 7.30pm

The Amazing Race
Season 28 Australian premiere
Thursday, March 3 at 7.30pm

Also coming later are first run episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, How to Get Away with Murder, Scandal, Grandfathered, Galavant and Agent Carter.

Movie titles to rollout in the first few weeks include Love Actually, You, Me and Dupree, Sister Act, Ten Things I
Hate About You, Meet The Parents, Coming to America, Coyote Ugly and Ghost.

7flix will also be available through PLUS7 Live.

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  1. Is 7Flix another one of these MPEG4 channels – unsure what those are exactly – I ask this because my DVR a “service unavailable on this receiver” message for 76 (and a few of the other recent channels)

  2. My sister is so glad that she live in regional Australia and will not get any of these shows. Most used to be staples on 7, yet their main channel is really bad and you wonder why they have 4 channels when the quality of viewing is abysmal in my opinion and you have to search so many channels to find shows you might like or do like and wait ages for them to be scheduled. Thanks David for your efforts always appreciated!

  3. Finally Agent Carter will be screened in Australia. Hopefully they air Season 1 and 2 back to back given that the latter is airing in the US at the moment and Season 1 is only 8 episodes.

    1. Agreed. They could have put together this sort of lineup long ago on one of their other 2 multi channels. But at least they are finally showing some decent first run content in prime time. They should have put Parks and Recreation on this new channel too in prime time, rather than the ridiculous late night time slot where it recently commenced.

  4. No way… Love Actually?

    Nice to see a refreshing new movie on these channels that hasnt been shown before. My only wish is they would get access to other long neglected movies like Mean Girls and The Devil Wears Prada

    1. Couldn’t agree more. I can catch up on the shows I watch by myself on my phone no problem, but what about the shows I watch with my family (e.g. The Muppets, Once Upon a Time) – are we all meant to cram around a 4inch screen and squint? If Freeview isn’t going to launch Freeview Plus in regional areas than commercial networks should take the initiative to ensure all content can be viewed on televisions (e.g. TV apps, Chromecast compatibility for mobile apps, etc.). The public broadcasters seem to have no problem doing it so why not them?

    1. Yes please. I’d like to know this too…I also live in regional Australia. I am waiting for GA and HTGAWM to return…half way through both seasons. Will we be able to watch on Plus7 catch up as well? These shows were previously on late and I couldn’t sit up at 10.30 and 11.30 respectively when they were on 7. Alternatively David, might PRIME still play these shows on their main channel? Trying to find out how to get access to them when they return.

  5. They are competing against the repeats on Go! and Eleven early in the evening, with stuff that shouldn’t take many viewers away from MKR.

    Will be better than trying to cram all the scripted content into 90 minutes on the main channel every evening resulting in a lot of it not getting aired.

  6. That makes The Amazing Race the first title to have appeared on all four of Seven’s channels. Wonder how long it will last at 7.30 even on 7Flix as when they played it on 7mate years ago (and in HD too!) with little promotion it quickly got moved to a ridiculous time slot… Wish they’d play a few in the first week and catch up to the US so they can air same day as the US – that would put Amazing Race on Saturday night which would not be such a bad idea (at say 6.30pm).

  7. Great to see US series getting a reasonable primetime run. Hopefully 7flix will committ to the timeslots.

    I’m also assuming it is too much to hope that Foxtel satelite customers will get this channel? In Sydney, we have 7Two, you’d think they’d put up 7flix as well

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