Returning: Peep Show

Peep Show is back for its ninth and final season this month on ABC2.


UK comedy Peep Show starring David Mitchell & Robert Webb is back for its ninth and final season this month on ABC2.

There are 6 episodes this season, which premiered in the UK in November.

Last time we saw Mark (David Mitchell) and Jeremy (Robert Webb) they had just been abandoned and mildly electrocuted in a field, spurned by Dobby’s rejection of their declarations of love in favour of a new life in New York… it looked like the end of the El Dude Brothers.

But now time has passed, and while Jez has some rather constrictive new living quarters, Mark has a new flat mate and has landed a swanky bank job. But it seems that the wounds have not yet healed. Jeremy is reluctant to apologise, at least until the time is right. Mark on the other hand – content thanks to Napoleon’s correspondence – is determined not to show any emotional scars. T

he pair have to put their differences aside however in order to celebrate with a newly clean and healthy Super Hans (Matt King). But despite his best efforts a good detox can only last so long, and when Jeremy goes cap in hand to ask for a loan it appears Mark might have his chance for some Machiavellian revenge.

9.00pm Tuesday 23 February ABC2.

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