Rodger Corser for Nine drama Doctor Doctor


“What a range. I play cops. Haven’t done too many doctors though,” Rodger Corser recently told TV Tonight.

But that’s all about to change with the ever-dependable Corser now set to star in Nine’s upcoming drama Doctor Doctor.

News Corp reported on the weekend he has the lead in the Essential Media drama, an $11.6m series that will generate 800 jobs filming in Sydney and Mudgee.

The synopsis for the series reads, “When he is knocked off his pedestal and on to the Impaired Registrants Program, prodigal Sydney surgeon and party boy Hugh Knight must return to his family home in rural Whyhope where he might learn to swallow his pride and mend his ways – or not.”

Corser is currently appearing in The Doctor Blake Mysteries, while Nine is yet to formally announce the new series.


  1. Cant we just have an Aussie drama that isn’t the same as all the rest we’ve had. It always seems to be fish out of water types, cops, doctors and families. Would love it if we could manage to make something left of center. Wentworth the exception at the moment. I know we don’t have US budgets, but we don;t necessarily need them to make new shows with a point of difference. Breaking Bad, Dexter types….

    • I’ve noted in the past there are very good reasons why police, legal and medical form the basis of long-running dramas. They generate weekly stories, they provide set “homes” that are economic. Australia is no different to the US and UK in this regard. Families are the bedrock of all dramas, whether nuclear or “workplace families.” Wentworth is a prison “family.” Even Game of Thrones has it. The 2 shows you mention also have backgrounds rooted in law / police. Further to that we have indeed had dramas that offer a universe from another point of view, but they don’t always attract the same attention (Foxtel, SBS, ABC). That Doctor Doctor comes from the same prdcrs as Jack Irish, Rake, The Principal is reason to be encouraged.

      • I agree with the point of the 2 shows i mentioned but at least they had a stronger story and point of difference. Would never suggest a reason to not encourage australian drama production but it all just feels ‘done’ before. Can we try a Dram-edy for once. Ugly Betty type, Crazy ex type etc

      • Hmmm….not a big fan of medical dramas.
        But Roger is a good actor, not to mention easy on the eye.
        And yes, it may actually be quality viewing if it has the same producers as Rake, The Principal en

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