Seven ahead with strong Wednesday

Ratings: Another 1.57m for MKR helps Seven kick-off its next constructed Reality series, First Dates.


In its third outing My Kitchen Rules is proving to be consistent, drawing 1.57m viewers again last night. That helped First Dates to an 874,000 debut -a good result for a 9pm show.

The Big Bang Theory (795,000) edged ahead of I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! (710,000). But The Embassy did it tough on 439,000.

Amongst ABC’s returning Wednesday shows Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery pulled 637,000 viewers followed by The Weekly with Charlie Pickering (577,000) and Black Comedy (513,000).

Seven won the night with 34.7% well ahead of Nine 21.9%, TEN 18.1%, ABC 17.6% and SBS 7.6%.

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 3 February 2016.

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  1. Recorded MKR IMACGMOOH and the embassy

    Loving MKR I just wish it was all instant restaurant rounds the b******g in those is what makes it so good the MKR kitchen and challenges make it to much like master chef

    Liking IMACGMOOH but can we please get Julia out of the jungle and just have Chris Brown julia is unwatchable i have to FF everything she is in except for tucker trials and challenges

    Liking the embassy but with ratings like that it won’t be around much longer

    1. Love the embassy. Really enjoy what goes on.
      If IMACGMOOH lasts after next week i will be suprised.
      Just crap tv.Only watching MKR Till the villian cooks, to see how she cooks.
      I See Current Affair won over Home & away. Brax Still hasn’t turned up.

  2. First Dates was poor compared to the British version. Why do Australian shows feel the need to over do the voice over, insert clumsy “coming up’s” and constantly cut to laboured master interviews to reiterate narrative we can clearly see unfolding. There was very little of the subtlety and nuance that makes the British version so charming. In terms of storytelling the Aus version was like being hit in the face with a sledgehammer. Plus I felt it was over-edited which threw the pacing off. Also didn’t like the way it was shot, it was too close with not enough depth – this destroys the artifice a fixed rig is supposed to create, giving the show a constructed feel rather than an observational feel. Finally, I watch very little on the commercial networks and was astounded by the frequency of commercial breaks. 5 in an hour is way too many. I’d much prefer a 4 segment hour with longer…

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