Seven loads up Cannonball format


Seven has announced a new water-based game show, Cannonball, in which couples compete on a lake attempting to jump the highest, slide the furthest and fly the highest.

15 couples will compete in several rounds covering distance, speed and height. “Will the human cannonballs reach new heights or will their efforts end in an embarrassing belly flop?” a Seven release asks.

Seven’s Director of Network Production, Brad Lyons, said: “Australians of all ages will be
cheering on our fearless contestants as they attempt to fly further, faster and harder than their
competitors. Expect high-flying thrills and stupendous spills – Cannonball’s got it all!”

The Dutch format created by Talpa is being produced by ITV Studios Australia in Sydney later this year.


  1. At least it isn’t a celebrity version so yes I think 7 have learnt their lesson with that one….
    And as proven with First Dates if they get the casting spot on It could just work IMO….

  2. Saw the promo for this on the ITV Sales website and it looks absolutely trash – it literally is just slip and slide with no game aspect at all other than going the furthest or fastest.

    Seven would be much better off picking up an Australian version of Ninja Warrior.

  3. These shows, while not being the cutting edge drama a lot of your readers seem to thrive on, personally I love these shows as I can sit on the couch with my young kids for half an hour before bed, have a few giggles & chat without fear of ‘missing’ something, maybe if he had a bit more of this than we wouldn’t be so heavily skewered on reality ratings blockbusters, which quite frankly aren’t young family friendly (Susie , Any female music shows clothing choice & adult innuendo)

  4. Oh please, 7, no. Have you forgotten about Celebrity Splash? And how ‘well’ that went? General viewers might have, but I’m sure TV Tonight’s audience has not.

  5. Hope this is not an other show like, I think it was called Celebrity Splash, but have to commend channel 7 for at least trying a different type of show at times, and I suppose one of them sometime might be a winner.

  6. sounds funny, but also only one part of a wipeout kind of show I fear so may be short run!!
    Hope there are plenty of smashes for can’t look away tv.
    At least 7 are trying new things ?

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