Seven Year Switch ready for the headlines

Get ready for the outrage that will follow when Seven Year Switch begins soon on Seven.

As first revealed by TV Tonight, the show sees 4 troubled couples changing partners in a social experiment, living together for a month with ‘no rules.’ There are two experts also participating with relationship advice.

Seven’s Director of Production Brad Lyons has described the format as “extremely controversial and radical” and Director of Programming Angus Ross has acknowledged, “We think it will be pretty noisy.”

But as the Habibs reminds us, controversy is also good for a programme launch. So the promo happily plays up the outrage from US websites, after it aired on the FYI Network.

Seven may not have long to wait, with a petition to stop the show from airing is already underway at, so far with just 166 signatures. Those are the kinds of words that light up a journalist’s and publicists’ eyes.

Due in Q2 (if not sooner) there is still time for media, networks and assorted objectors to play out the next tug of war ….on a show where everyone is a willing participant and consenting adult.


  1. It seems that every month the Australian TV industry gives us something more to despair about.
    Nathan, they’ve been scraping the barrel for so long that there’s now a big hole in it!

  2. Seven’s PR dept. are the only people who think that Australian’s will find it controversial. There is no advantage here in feigning outrage, and more important things to get upset about. Like someone dressing up as Kayne West at the last minute because they were too cheap to hire a costume.

  3. The only way this show will be ‘outrageous’ is if:
    a. everyone is naked, always,
    b. everyone is wearing a Go-Pro at all times,
    c. at least 15 minutes of group sex per episode, and
    d. Shooter Williamson does the commentary.

    Otherwise, it will be little more than the first 30 seconds of Mr and Mrs Smith. No, wait, the Smiths were funny/interesting.

  4. Yet another programming low!

    I’ll give it 3 weeks primetime before being shunted-off to late night or a multichannel – perhaps it would sit nicely with all the other dross we’re being promised on 7Flix.

  5. I’ve seen the promos. The participants all looked very much like actors to me. And if not actors, people so utterly desperate for “fame” that a distinction could hardly be made anyway. Everyone “outraged” should just ignore it, and hopefully it will just go away.

  6. This is smut TV at its worse. It should be condemned. Next will be MKR wife swap. Relationships are hard enough without this drivel thrown at us.

    • This is just a reheating of Wife Swap USA format – nothing more and nothing less. Congratulations on finding a tired old 2004 reality format and trying to pass it off as new content.

      You can tell Angus Ross that we there is lots of “noisy” content on commercial TV at the moment, most of it is cheaply made shouty advertising or cheaply made reality format tv. Thats why about 85% of the australian population are doing something else other than watching commercial TV in primetime now whether it be streaming, internet browsing, gaming, reading or other timeshifted viewing.

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