Seven’s Kitchen rules Monday war


My Kitchen Rules has come out on top in the unofficial ratings battle for Monday at 1.58m viewers.

It trumped TEN’s I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! on 927,000 viewers and Nine’s Australia’s Got Talent on 785,000.

It was the first night all three networks went head to head with their early-evening content, giving us some idea of where viewers are headed.

In the unofficial war, Seven’s network share was a hefty 30.8% then Nine 24.9% and TEN 20.3%. ABC was a close fourth on 19.3% and SBS 4.7%.

MKR has launched just below its 2015 launch of 1.6m viewers, setting up the network for another stellar run. I’m A Celebrity, which paid handsomely for Shane Warne to enter the jungle, dropped on its second night but is up 23% on its second episode from last year. Australia’s Got Talent began in third place but slipped to fourth behind Australian Story (785,000) at 8pm.

Returning series The Farmer Wants a Wife drew 763,000 for Nine, also fourth in its slot.

Elsewhere The X-Files was 774,000 for TEN.

Full ratings wraps return next week with the start of 2016 ratings.

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 1 February 2016.


  1. Two days in and my head hurts from all these comments.
    Do you copy and paste last years comments, because they are basically all the same.. Enjoy your year David.

    As Homer says… “It’s a living”

    • I can say that each of my comments is a carefully-handcrafted original thought (or at least an original expression of an unoriginal thought!).

      But if MKR and other shows keep copy-and-pasting the same formula year after year, you’ve pretty much got to expect the comments on them to look copy-and-pasted year after year…

  2. I was a massive fan of Celeb last year but minuet to feel hooked this year. Admittedly external factors could be to blame (very stressful and sad time for me at the moment) – but it doesn’t seem to have the same hook last year did. The whole “Warnie” thingI find to be so over the top – frankly I was more impressed that they got the Chief – I guess because the Warnie thing was released months ago! Hoping it will hook me in soon. I watched MKR (I always record Celeb and watch MKR live – it’s more fun to tweet along with MKR) and yes it’s similar to previous years but still entertaining.

  3. harrypotter1994

    Totally didn’t realise it wasn’t ratings season already! Home and Away got some really good figures last night will be interesting to see if those people stick around. Decided not to watch MKR this time around, quite over it setup my new blu-ray/pvr recorder instead

  4. I recorded MKR and watched it (can’t cope with the amount of ads) and found it slightly boring. I have always been a fan but I think the formula needs an overhaul. Might abandon it if something better comes along.

  5. So enjoying The Returned on SBS – intriguing, unsettling and atmospheric. Sadly, only 2 eps to go .
    Will miss it when it’s gone.

    Like others here, I will stick with Celeb.
    The group dynamics should be interesting as time goes by and everyone stops being so polite to each other.
    Perhaps Fev and Warnie may not be the total yobbos depicted by the media…time will tell.
    Could go either way for all the contestants – some come across surprisingly well while others end up crucifying themselves.

  6. Sick of cooking and talent shows so I’m A Celeb will be the one I’m watching and so far I’m loving it. I’m really enjoying seeing Val Lehman back on screen. I met her years ago as a kid when I was lucky enough to get to visit the set of Prisoner for a whole day. Spent time with all the cast in the green room and sensed they were all very close and looked after each other. I can see Val is treating her time on I’m a celeb with that same attitude (bringing deck of cards in for everyone to use). My autograph book was falling apart and Val spent time with me fixing it. I’ll always remember what a lovely lady she is.
    Also loving the new series of X-Files. Shame Ten puts those screen masking ads of Shane Warne all over it though. X-Files is a show you really need to concentrate on for every subtle detail and plot line and this is very distracting.

  7. MKR is the same old tired format. Teams cook and the others bitch n belly over it. This show is about the bitch factor and rarely about the food. The contestants change but the bitch is still present. Why the public likes it is beyond me. Celebrity Get me out of here is much more appealing and seeing how people deal with their fears helps us all in my view. AGT is in trouble.

    • Agree totally. Didn’t watch it last year when I saw the hundreds of promos with the same old “bitchy” team that everyone hates who gets their comeuppance when it’s their turn to cook. Was a big fan of the first few seasons but now it’s basically a scripted soap opera with a bit of cooking and a French accent thrown in for good measure.

      • to the contrary…
        I already find Celebrity tired, after only 1 season.
        This kind of reality TV just feels dated. Very Big brother.
        MKR has a life of its own now. Its kind of like a football season.
        Either you watch NRL or you dont. But those that do love it.

        • Agree with the analogy Hoff. A colleague and I talked about how MKR wheeled out all the stereotypes. We knocked just about every aspect of it – but we’ll be watching it till the end. Went to Celeb during the ads and the inane banter was soul destroying.

          • barrington bumbaclaart

            I find both shows to be the viewing equivalent of a lobotomy. Actually, I’d prefer to have a lobotomy than have to watch either. Why people persist engaging with all this inane rubbish when there is so much quality viewing readily available is beyond me….but whatever floats your boat I guess.

  8. It’s supposed to be the start of ratings but there’s absolutely nothing on tonight. Thinking that everyone’s home at 5PM is the networks’ biggest mistake. They’re programming for shut-ins and the underemployed. I haven’t seen a show broadcast before 7.30PM for the last 16 years.

    • See yesterdays article on TVT about how younger people are deserting FTA in droves – the primary market is older people who do actually watch TV at 5pm. The commercial networks don’t make an hour of news each night for the 18 year olds ; )

  9. barrington bumbaclaart

    Why “unofficial”? The ratings survey was completed last night and the numbers published, as has been done all summer. I really don’t understand the concept of a non-ratings period, particularly when the figures keep rolling in night after night.

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