Shane Warne set to boost TEN’s jungle

Rumours prove true as TEN drops its biggest name into the jungle so far.


As widely predicted Shane Warne has entered the jungle on TEN’s I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here!

The cricketing superstar is easily the biggest coup for the show in its brief history, with a rumoured salary of upwards of $2m and clauses the include no spiders. He arrives in South Africa at the same time as announcing the closure of his Shane Warne Foundation charity and despite tweeting only a week ago he had not signed to appear on the show.

But it is a good get for TEN given his profile, bound to attract ratings and headlines. And (as also predicted) he is not landing in camp until tonight just as profile shows launch on Seven & Nine.

I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here!-Season 2-Episode1-31

11 other celebrities were unveiled yesterday including Val Lehman, Anthony Callea, Brendan Fevola, JoBeth Taylor, Akmal Saleh, Laurina Fleur and Havana Brown -all had been rumoured at one stage or another. Presumably nobody had tipped Dean Geyer but the hint of ‘Hollywood Heart Throb’ was way off mark, nor Bonnie Lythgoe, while sports stars Courtney Hancock and Paul Harragon also entered.

Here’s a form guide according to TEN:

Havana Brown: Originally hailing from Melbourne, Havana has gone on to global success, topping both Australian and US music charts with her debut single, We Run The Night, in 2011.

Anthony Callea: First finding fame on Australian Idol, ARIA-award-winning singer-songwriter Anthony has enjoyed chart-topping success, toured with industry heavyweights and starred in some of the country’s biggest stage musicals in recent years.

Brendan Fevola: Brendan is regarded as both one of the most effective full-forwards to have played AFL in the 2000s and one of sport’s most controversial figures, on and off the field.

Laurina Fleure: She is an international model who had the whole country talking when she appeared as a feisty and beautiful Bachelorette on season two of The Bachelor Australia. While she didn’t win the hand of Bachelor Blake Garvey, Laurina became one of the biggest pop culture icons of 2014.

Dean Geyer: Dean caught the nation’s attention as one of the strongest performers on Australian Idol in 2004. Since then, he has gone on to record a debut album and establish an acting career in film and television in both Australia and the US.

Courtney Hancock: A champion Ironwoman and one of Australia’s most accomplished athletes, in 2011 Courtney became the first person in the history of Australian Surf Sports to win the triple crown of elite events (Australian and Professional Series titles plus the Coolangatta Gold).

Paul Harragon: Paul is a legend of rugby league, with a record that includes an inaugural premiership for the Newcastle Knights as captain in 1997, representing NSW 20 times in State of Origin and representing Australia in 17 tests. Since leaving football, Paul has carved out a strong career in the media.

Val Lehman: Val is best known as inmate Bea Smith from the long-running Australian television series Prisoner. During her four years on the show, Val won three TV Week Logie awards, including a Silver Logie for most popular actress in 1982.

Bonnie Lythgoe: Bonnie has reached the top of her game as a dancer, choreographer, director, television presenter and producer. In a career that spans 30 years, she has worked alongside some of the industry’s best, including Gene Kelly, Sidney Poitier, Sir Cliff Richard, Michael Jackson, Victoria Beckham and the Bee Gees.

Akmal Saleh: Akmal is one of Australia’s busiest, most successful and accomplished comedians. From appearances in movies, to sketch and stand-up tours, stints as a radio DJ, a talk show host and a published author, his career has flourished over the past 15 years.

Jo Beth Taylor: She made her biggest splash on Australian television during the 1990s when, at 22, she became the youngest woman to host a show in prime time, the top-rating Australia’s Funniest Home Videos. In 1996, Jo Beth also co-hosted the popular variety show Hey Hey It’s Saturday with Daryl Somers.

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  1. Some of the celebrities scenes have been good to watch but unfortunately Julia Morris ruins the show for me – I am very sorry that I forgot to include her in some of the ‘Worst’ categories in the recent TVT awards.

  2. So as im not obviously watching it is he in the jungle yet. Because how can he send out tweets? Also I know he has things in his contract but I hope one of them is that he does not get to smoke while in the jungle.

    Watching Warney go cold turkey could be very interesting. But well done on ch10 on getting him.

  3. Think people forget the celebrity pool is dependant on those willing to put themselves under these harsh Conditions. That has to be a small pool regardless of money. What A Grade celebrity would lower themselves to this punishment. What do people expect?

  4. I enjoyed it. Like last year had heard of about half of them. Seem to be the only one never heard of Havanna. Not a sports fan so didn’t know them except for Fevolla because of all the scandals surrounding him. Should be an entertaining show.

  5. Agree about Jo Beth -she looked almost panicky and totally outside her comfort zone.
    Seems like a nice person but yeah, think she might be the first to go.
    She’s certainly not the only “has- been” in there though.
    A really disappointing line up of “celebs” overall -like many here I haven’t heard of half of them either.
    Anthony, Val and Akmed should be good value though.
    Akmed is sure to annoy the crap out of everyone there but that’s why he’s being put in there.

    1. I like them as well, given how difficult it would be to get people to do this show I think the casting is good.
      I can’t remember, was Freddie Flintoff an intruder last year, or was he there from the beginning? From memory, they drop intruders in at about the three week mark.

  6. I thought it was a great show last night I’m ok with the celebrities they all did their titles justice..not really fussed, funny how Chris & Julia were getting those text messages before Shane Warne entered the jungle lol, think the show will be great again this year and I’m sure this will be great for Ten, would’ve been interesting to see what the ratings were last night…Hope this will overtake MKR rubbish.

    1. This show is a load of rubbish it should be called
      im and idiot dont get me out of here
      What a pack of morons
      even julie morris looks so stupid
      id rather watch MKR
      than putting up with the usless show on 10

    2. Can’t wait to see his interaction with “dirty pie” queen, Laurina. I had a bet with a friend that she would crop up on either The Apprentice or DWTS this year. I didn’t think for a second she would do IACGMOOH.

  7. Well I watched it because there was nothing else that appealed to me, and I thought it was absolutely awful. Strictly for the 12 year olds, and not a real “celebrity” (hate that word) among them, except perhaps for Shane Warne. I gave up when he arrived.

  8. I was curious as to who Ten had bagged as the “Hollywood heartthrob” and they couldn’t stretch the truth any further if they tried. Geyer has only appeared in one U.S. movie (a sequel) that went straight-to-DVD a few years ago, and in a few episodes of Glee 3-4 years ago as fresh meat for Lea Michele’s character until he’s revealed to be a whore. That’s it. Nada. Zilch. How does that, in any way, make him “Hollywood” property?

    The inclusion of Havana Brown is surprising considering that she does have some overseas status and acclaim. She’s arguably the biggest name (internationally) this series, though her career appears to have stagnated since her only major hit “We Run The Night” 4 years ago.

    1. Are you serious? Title is completely legit. Being in 2 major US TV shows is enough for a Hollywood title (you forgot Terra Nova). Sorry that you clearly aren’t in his fan club. People are forgetting that this show thrives on the sub A grade celebrity.

    2. I agree. I really like Dean Geyer but it’s in no way accurate he’s a ‘Hollywood heartthrob’ – that term applies to well known names, like your Chris Hemworths and Sam Worthingtons 🙂 But a lot of the clues are very generous to the personalities! Have to be though to pull folk in.

  9. Why does Anthony Callea insist on cutting his hair short. He looks much better with longer hair like his Idol days. I saw him in concert in 2005, still one of the best concerts I’ve attended. It’s a shame he hasn’t had any chart success since 2007 with only a handful of releases since then and none very successful

    This show I am indifferent to, the only real thing that happens each week is the challenges that determine how much food they get for the week, pretty boring

  10. I think Ten is exaggerating with its clues regarding the celebrities.
    How is Bonnie Lythgoe be a “triple threat”? She can obviously dance as she was a judge on So You Think You Can Dance.
    How is Dean Geyer a “Hollywood heartthrob”?
    Does Jo Beth Taylor fit the description of a “chart-topper”?

        1. the word ‘topping’ would indicate somewhere a bit higher, in the top 20, imho 😉 I originally guessed maybe Craig McLachlan as he had a top 10 hit with Mona & was in Neighbours, oh well…

  11. i found the lineup very disappointing, considering i’d never heard of Havana, Courtney or Laurina before & they are imho D grade celebrities at best. Jo Beth, geezuz she has barely done anything for years! the others all fairly mediocre.
    I don’t like Shane Warne so i don’t think having him there is enough compensation for me. Love Val but at her age i don’t know she will last thru the physical challenges (although she seems fitter than most her age) & also Prisoner does have a cult following but an older audience whom i’m not sure are going to get into voting for her to stay etc.
    Also with the challenges theres a certain novelty factor which has worn thin for me & it doesn’t look as though they are going to come up with anything much different than they did last year, lets see what happens if ratings fall though.
    Having said that, i remember thinking…

  12. Shane Warne is a very good get, money well spent I’d say!
    Havana is also quite the high profile star, she gets paid on average 15k for a single nightclub appearance so I’m guessing she’d be the second highest paid.
    Jo Beth really?!?!
    I was shocked when DWTS got her back in 2010 in 2016 she’s even more forgettable. I think Anthony may be more entertaining viewing than we think I’ve worked with him before and he’s quite the bossy diva haha.

    1. Jo Beth is a has-been, for sure. She did not look at all comfortable being there, I”d say she will be gone very soon. I like most of the others and Shane Warne is a major coup. He is divisive and controversial and will make for great water cooler buzz.

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