Shiny wins at Tropfest

LA duo Spencer Susser and Daniel Cloud-Campos have won Tropfest, held last night at Sydney’s Centennial Parklands.

They defeated 15 other finalists with their stop-frame animation called Shiny, incorporating the signature item “Card.”

The film is described as “Damsel in distress gets undressed when a man from the Midwest puts to rest a world that is obsessed with the ‘priceless’, also know as The Shiny.”

Mel Gibson, Simon Baker and Rebecca Gibney were part of the judging panel while celebrities including Simon Baker also attended.

In November founder John Polson announced that the event which started 24 years ago would be cancelled due to a ‘gross and terrible mismanagement of funds’ but a crowd-funding campaign and new sponsors came to the rescue.

SBS 2 aired the broadcast while Presto will also have all 16 finalists, or via YouTube.

Photo: Twitter
Source: SKY News

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