The Feed visits South Park studios


Next week The Feed‘s Marc Fennell takes a tour of the South Park Studios in LA observing Matt Stone and Trey Parker producing an episode from idea to broadcast in just six days.

In the first episode of The Feed for 2016, Marc gets Stone and Parker to open up about going to the 72nd Academy Awards high on LSD, why Sean Penn hates them and why they still feel like Hollywood outsiders despite making one of the most iconic television comedies of the last two decades.

They also take The Feed through the creation of their Tony award-winning blockbuster Broadway musical The Book of Mormon ahead of its Australian premiere. If you’re a South Park fan you can’t miss this. Take a sneak peek: 

It’s set to be a huge year for SBS 2’s flagship news, pop culture and technology show as Marc is joined live in the studio each night by brand new co-host Jeanette Francis to cover the topics you never knew existed, and give you a new perspective on the ones you did.

Also coming up when The Feed returns next week…

Trans Military Women
The Australian military’s acceptance of transgender people may seem surprisingly swift to some. But given the voice of the transgender community has gone from a whisper to a roar in the past two years, it’s clear the organisation is being forced to move with the times. The Feed reporter Patrick Abboud gains unprecedented access inside Defence to follow the journeys of RAAF squadron leader Catherine Humphries and Army Major Donna Harding. The two brave officers, forced to keep their true identity a secret under strict ADF policy, share their struggle for the first time.

2016 Predictions
At the beginning of last year, The Feed made a handful of predictions for the upcoming year, with mixed success. So how will we fare in 2016?

There’ll also be Douche of the Year, your daily news wrap and much more.

Monday – Thursday at 7:30pm, on SBS 2.

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