Wanted and Here Come the Habibs! repeats

If you missed these ones, there are repeats over the next few days.

Rebecca Gibney as Lola in Wanted_028_resize

Two new series on Tuesday night are having repeats over the next few days if you missed these.

Here Come the Habibs!
7:30pm Thursday on GO!
9:30pm Saturday on Nine

11pm Friday on Seven
11:30pm Saturday on 7TWO
10:30pm Sunday on Seven
11:30pm Monday on Seven

Check local guides.

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    1. They are not “encores”. They are “repeats”.
      (Cambridge Dictionary) Encore: an ​extra ​song or ​piece of ​music that is ​performed at the end of a show because the ​audience ​shouts for it:
      They are “repeats” because nothing new is being added. Just as the networks, decades ago, used to print (R) or (Rpt.) in their guides to denote “Repeat”.

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