WIN HD, 9Life launch for regional viewers March 1st

Regional viewers to get WINHD and 9Life from Tuesday March 1st.


WIN Television has confirmed it will launch WINHD and 9Life from Tuesday March 1st.

The new channels, which will join WIN, GEM and GO!, are good news for regional viewers who have been awaiting news since November.

WIN Network Television Operations General Manager Stevan Djokic said, “the move to this new technology is being made to enhance the overall viewing experience. HD provides clear, crisp pictures adding extra life to programs.”

“The Free To Air broadcast industry is changing and the WIN Network is changing with it to ensure more choice for our viewers across regional Australia.”

“The MPEG 4 technology allows the WIN Network to broadcast more channels and for the first time, the opportunity to watch their favourite WIN programs, movies and sport in high definition across regional Australia.

“WINHD will carry the same programs as the main WIN channel, but with all the advantages of high definition.”

Older TVs may unable to receive the new channels can still view WIN, GEM and GO!s Some channel numbers will change and viewers may need to rescan their TVs.

“The technology is new and we’re positive that regional viewers will embrace it. Some televisions will automatically pick up the new channels while others will require a channel rescan. Viewers should refer to their TV manual for rescan instructions.”

More info at wintv.com.au


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  1. Has anyone else noticed that Win Gem (Illawarra) is being broadcast with black bars on the side of the picture. The Image is squashed. Not sure if this is just a fault or if its been happening since launch…. first time i have checked it… Its not my TV before someone asks

  2. About time! I have been wanting to watch The Bachelor on 9 Life, do you know what number the channel will be on the Fraser Coast? We shouldn’t be considered regional when we are only a few hours from Brisbane.

  3. I live on the Sunshine Coast and my TV automatically retunes itself. The channels listed are:
    0 (coming soon), 8 WIN, 80 GEM, 81 WIN, 82 Extra, 83 GO!, 84 Gold, and a strange one – 351 GO! I would assume channel 0 is 9 Life.

  4. So glad to hear this news. Unfortunately though, looking at the WIN website it appears that Regional WA will be missing out (they are the only section of the website not to include the notice about the new channels). I am sure that it would have been a hurdle and a half for WIN to have gotten every transmitter in 6 states ready for the March 1st launch date and as a result WA got put on the back burner. In addition, although I’m happy with this news, given WIN are still to launch Racing.com in the M.I.A. (not to mention Ten’s and Seven’s datacast channels), I assume this news means that they have no intention of launching Ten’s and Seven’s new channels (7flix, Ten HD and 7HD) and we’ll be waiting till media reforms are passed and Seven and Ten buy the M.I.A.’s affiliate license 🙁 .

  5. Out of curiousity, should we already be able to rescan and have the spots for these channels or will they appear 1st March? I’ve rescanned mine (I’m in Tas) and haven’t got anything at all

  6. He says twice the technology is “new”

    HD broadcasts have existed in Australia since 2007, and regional affiliates in the US have been in HD since 2000. Hardly new either way you look at it.

    We still don’t know if this is a national WIN HD roll out (TAS, WA, SA too) or if there will be state wide WIN HD feeds or local HD feeds, each with their own WIN Local News

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