X Factor facing overhaul


Seven is mulling changes to The X Factor which is expected to see a new host -and possibly new judges- if it returns for 2016.

Seven had already announced the show’s return at its 2016 Upfronts and opened auditions late last year.

“Last year we wanted the show to have done better,” Director of Programming Angus Ross tells News Corp.

“We have looked at a number of aspects which we think we can tweak to get an improved performance from the show.”

While the show served up a promising star in Cyrus Villanueva, finale ratings averaged 1.2m viewers, well down on previous seasons.

As the season ended in 2015 Luke Jacobz tweeted, “That time I drove into work and realised its my last @xfactor_au GRAND-FINAL!! #lastshow #6series #pumped”

Ross has also put a question mark over Dancing with the Stars telling TV Tonight, “I would suggest, as it is every year, the return of Dancing with the Stars is dependent on the cast you can get together as to whether it would return this year or not.”


  1. If i were you, I’d go with McMullen (host), Chris Isaak, Bernard Fanning, Nikki Webster & Mauboy. Guy Sebastian argued a lot, hence he wouldn’t shut up long enough. It makes people angry about this.

  2. X Factor is great fun, but Luke as a host is a much needed change, he fumbled through the autocue so many times last year, every second word was “uh” or “um” it seemed. A female host like Nat Bass would actually be a good idea, or someone else musical who has some personality.

    Guy needs to go, he doesn’t make great TV, so dull and loves the sound of his own voice. Dannii needs to be thrown buckets on money to come back at any cost, Chris and James were fine, but either could be replaced and it wouldn’t make much difference. Have two female, two male mentors, two Australian and two international as it is now.

    Also, the categories need a bit of a change up. Perhaps have an over 40s category (or over 35) to change things up a bit and get a bit of diversity in contestants?

  3. I much preferred last Season’s X Factor to The Voice- the standard of performers was so much better.
    Would rather see The Voice go and X -Factor stay on.

  4. Secret Squïrrel

    “…the return of Dancing with the Stars is dependent on the cast…”
    Obviously there are standards to be maintained. We don’t want anyone lower than D-grade (or higher, apparently).

  5. Dannii should be the host. She’s hosted heaps in the UK in the 90’s, plus it’d be a good way to get her off the panel and onto the stage to show what she’s wearing clearer – which is her whole point of being there anyway.

    Judges should be Tina Arena (back in Australia permanently), someone old and iconic like Jimmy Barnes or John Farnham, Jessica Mauboy (music career is beginning to look shaky, but is going to star in a new Seven drama) and an international.

  6. I would love to see Nat Bass host. She is bubbly and did a great job hosting So You Think You Can Dance. They should stop the fake drama between the judges as it is all silly stuff and people see straight through it. It is a great format and I hope it stays on air this year. I think Guy needs a rest. He use to be a great judge but last year he seemed a bit bored with it all and it showed. They must keep Dannii though.

  7. the show must return. look at the output of singers it produces compared to the voice. i’ve seen at least all winners of the x factor in the charts whereas the voice singers are no where to be seen. bring it back but with new judges and a new host. keep dannii and guy. they were the reason i watched it. also find some aussie singers to be judges. jessica mauboy, ricki lee, tina arena…just some good suggestions there. if any of them become judges i want credit…lol

  8. How about all the fluff? Cut out the judges ridiculous antics and get straight to the feedback for the singers. Maybe then people will watch. Just no reason for the show to run past an hour. Also, a separate show for the ‘results’? You wait another 75 mins or so for the 5 minute outcome!

  9. I think part of the problem has been that nine has been pushing The Voice back to air later and later in the year so there’s less of a gap between the 2 shows which gives audiences genre fatigue. I also think getting a new host is a good idea. Luke Jacobz is competent but pretty bland. I’d still like to see the show return.

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