$139k to film at Bondi Rescue

How much does a production company pay a local council for the right to film, and what conditions come with it?

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Some interesting details on Bondi Rescue‘s deal with the local council have emerged in an article via Fairfax.

According to the story, Cordell Jigsaw Zapruder pay Waverley Council $139,000 a year and a small percentage of profits.

In the 10-year life of the show CJZ has paid over $1.2 million to the council.

Nick Murray from CJZ says, “The economies of TV production are such that you try and cover your costs with the original production budget, and hopefully you make your money somewhere else in the world.”

Bondi Rescue has been sold to 190 territories, currently airing in 100, but some markets were the result of a combined sale.

While Waverley Council doesn’t have editorial control, it does have review rights, to ensure “we are not ignoring their part of the agreement” and that the show “is doing the right thing by their employees and their policies.”

News Corp recently detailed infighting and questions over financial payments amongst lifeguards, which could contravene a council code of conduct. Waverley Council is investigating alleged payments.

A council spokesperson also said a multi-year contract was in place to continue producing the series.

The show returns at 7:30pm tonight on TEN.

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      1. With a hand held camera sure. But if you rock up with cameras, lights, monitors and catering trucks and take up space on public land and obstruct the public, the council is going to get permission and pay, not just at Bondi beach.

        It’s a tiny part of the shows total budget.

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