ABC shows win their slots, 7flix sinks to 0.6%.


Welcome to Thursday nights, where ABC News, 7:30 and Jack Irish all won their slot.

That may be partly because NRL plays in select markets on Nine, but that’s the way the numbers fell down. It’s worth noting Nine had their best share of the week and won the night.

It’s also worth noting how dismal 7flix is doing with a paltry 0.6% share last night, barely ahead of NITV’s 0.3%. The best it could manage was 29,000 for a movie 48 Hours. Programming and access combined have led to a disappointing start.

Nine network won with 29.8% then Seven 25.7%, ABC 19.6%, TEN 17.7% and SBS 7.1%.

Nine News topped the night with 961,000 / 957,000 then A Current Affair (654,000 in 4 cities), Hot Seat (475,000), Thursday NRL (433,000 in 2 cities) and The Footy Show (367,000 in 3 cities).

Seven News (926,000 / 857,000) led for Seven then Home and Away (660,000), The Chase (526,000 / 353,000), The Big Bang Theory (432,000 / 397,000) and Movie: Just Like Heaven (293,000).

ABC News (746,000) and 7:30 (683,000) scored for ABC followed by Jack Irish (673,000), Hatch Match & Dispatch (508,000) and No Offence (329,000).

On TEN it was Territory Cops (515,000), Bondi Rescue (512,000), The Project (509,000 / 404,000), TEN Eyewitness News (484,000) and Law and Order: SVU (384,000 / 304,000).

In Defence of Food (271,000), What’s the Right Diet For You? (181,000), The Bridge (116,000) and SBS World News (107,000) comprised SBS.

Shaun the Sheep topped multichannels with 244,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Thursday 17 March 2016.


  1. I think 7 are confused at the moment with what to do with 7flix. Tonight they are showing he same episode (“encore”) of the current season of The Amazing Race at 11.05 on 7flix, and at 11.45 on the main channel. Of all the timeslots across the week……

    I know it’s only Saturday night, but it seems quite strange. With part of the 2 overlapping, do we call this “half a simulcast”?

  2. If 7Flix programs were top notch, viewers would find a way around any access problems. Starting a movie channel with only a handful of old movies wasn’t the best plan. Perhaps “Plan B” was the main plan after all?

  3. 7 Flix signal is not strong. It freezes alot at times & reception is around 60%. Channel 7 need to put new programs on 7Flix not just show old tv shows. Please boost transmission signal & add it to foxtel then more viewers will watch it.

    • 7Flix is part of the same video stream as the other 7Network channels. If the others come through OK then the problem is with your equipment. Transmission signal power is restricted by Govt regulation. Foxtel decides which channels it carries.

  4. The only show I watch on 7flix is Once Upon A Time and will be watching the Shonda night when it starts but that’s about it. I notice the sound varies and the picture breaks up every so often. My TV can’t pick it up (I get sound but no picture) so record through the PVR.

    • A store with shelves full of old videos that you’ve probably seen before and a checkout person who doesn’t pay any attention to your complaints.

  5. I was all set to embrace 7flix. Even re checked out the very convoluted Once upon a Time. Of the “new” old sit-coms shown, while ‘m happy that they are showing some not seen here in years or decades, none of those so far really appealI to me. I enjoyed the thought of watching Bewiched again, then I found they were cutting out the first part of the show. This turned me off, so now I’m only watching The Muppets, and I’m catching Seinfeld on 111, which remarkebly were up to the same point as 7flix.

  6. Also struggling with Amazing Race this season. Was thinking the same – one of the very few watching it from 7flix Thursday 7.30. Last night turned it off half way through, watched something else, hanging out for Survivor which is far superior!

    0.6% though is the lowest I can remember seeing for a commercial multi channel since the ONE HD sports days and other than the very rare occasion when there’d be a lengthy simulcast (like GEM on NRL Grand Final night last year although I think they got 1% that night just for post GF content)

  7. Why was Billy introducing the footy show and acting like a host? He doesn’t have the presence to be a host and shouldn’t be given that role. I was in the company of someone who wanted to watch footy show as I no longer have interest in it. Not even a minute into the show and a joke is made about brayshaw when he played cricket a million years ago. Who cares? When Eddie was host the 1st segment was football news not the social lives of current football panelists. The footy show has lost its way.

    I read somewhere that 7 is going to HD for the footy. It starts next week. Any word on the roll out?

      • The AFL is only on Seven’s primary channel in Melbourne. Everywhere else (I believe) it is on 7Mate including my coverage area. 7Mate is HD so the vast majority of 7’s AFL viewers will get the footy in HD.
        Foxtel provides an HD signal on Fox Footy Channel, if you pay extra.

        • Yes – but the vast majority of AFL viewers are all in Melbourne.

          Would it hurt Seven so much to do an HD simulcast with 7mate just for Melbourne?

          And maybe put the 7mate programming they would normally have on that night onto 7flix – only 3 people would notice the 7flix programming missing or replaced.

          • Yes – but the vast majority of AFL viewers are all in Melbourne?
            Maybe that was true 20 years ago before the comp was truly national.. What about Adelaide (two top teams), Perth (ditto), Sydney (2 teams), not forgetting the huge regional audience.
            Anyway, to cater for Melbournians why can’t Seven go HD in Melbourne and leave 7Mate as HD in the other states?
            Its not rocket science surely.

  8. The way “commenters” on this excellent site which promotes Australian TV endlessly criticise local commercial media is perplexing. Watch what you want but comments like “7 / 9 / 10 are a joke I’m going to Netflix / Google / Youtube / iTunes” are not helpful to a local industry which employs tens of thousands of Australians. Imagine the uproar if a foreign company came to Australia, paid nothing for our freeways, slapped a toll road on each of them, employed no Australians, was charged no GST and funnelled profits through the Cayman Islands to pay no tax. These same “commenters” would be outraged. Fact – even on a quiet Thursday night, viewership of FTA dwarves Netflix. Fact – Australians want Australian content. Fact – Interest in American content is decreasing not increasing. Lets get behind sites like this and support a local industry in turmoil (120 sacked from Fairfax…

    • barrington bumbaclaart

      Fact – Commercial FTA networks have for years treated viewers with contempt by continually serving up puerile rubbish that has alienated a large proportion of their potential audience, which combined with a fragmented market driven by a wider variety of viewing choice has led to softer ratings figures. Any turmoil in the industry has been created by their own arrogance and lack of vision.

    • Fact: people employed in the TV industry are well aware of how bad the shows we produce are. Do you think anyone who grew up wanting to work in TV are overjoyed that the only prospect for work are shows like 20 to 1, Farmer Wants a Wife, or House Rules?

      Any kick up the backside to networks who continue to commission this rubbish year in, year out, is appreciated. Maybe then we’ll see a return to better programming.

    • Secret Squïrrel

      Your analogy of a company coming in and installing toll-gates on existing roads is flawed. With Netflix it’s more like they’ve built a new modern fast-train service which they’ll charge you $8.99 a month for you to use to get to your desired destination on time, whenever you want ($14.99 for the mag-lev supertrain).

      However, people are not forced to buy a train ticket. If they wish, they can continue to use the FTA bus service which treats them with disdain, where the 8:30pm bus arrives at 8:42 or maybe 8:51 and the following week, takes you to a completely different destination, and where the buses stop every 12 to 15 minutes so that some road-merchant can try to sell them something they don’t need or want.

      It’s about providing consumers with choice. It’s not the customer’s fault if you’re offering a crappy service and they go somewhere else.

      • Yes but 80-90% of the population prefer the Free Bus Service over the mega-marketed alternative. The “contempt” you think they show is because they are catering to this mass market not to your personal niche tastes. Besides audience stats look at this very site – 1-2 comments on news in the streaming section, 20-30 on the daily FTA ratings roundup. That reflects viewership. You don’t need to be Einstein to realise that shows with 10 times the budget on Netflix or HBO will likely have better production values – Great watch it, comment on it, fill the Streaming section with how much you enjoyed – but why ceaselessly knock the local product having a go with one tenth of the money but ten times the audience here in oz.

        • Secret Squïrrel

          I’m well aware that the vacuous dreck offered by the commercial networks in the early evenings is not for me but that is not why I accuse them of being disdainful. You have set up a straw man there as I’m sure that if you were a regular reader of the comments here, you would be fully aware that it is the dart-board approach to program scheduling that annoys most people.

          If a show is advertised to start at 8:30, people expect that that is when it will start, not some random number of minutes later. The following week it’ll be on at a different time or even day, or taken off without notice or explanation and no idea when or if it’ll be shown.

          And your data is way out. 80-90% of the population is 19-21 million. 20M are not watching FTA. Also you need to compare numbers on streaming news articles with FTA news articles not ratings which are always popular.

          • 1) Obviously I am referring to the viewing population 2) The figures are derived simply – Foxtel with 2.7 million subscribers gets about 15% of the primetime viewership. Extrapolating to Netflix with 1 million or one third Foxtel, gives 5% (and thats being generous given its not full service with multi-channels) – leaving 80% for FTA on any given night (Stan/Presto are inconsequential and owned by FTA networks anyway) 3) There is no straw man – there is one consistent point – the constant bashing are minority views (besides being repetitious and boring) and give no credit to a local industry with limited resources striving to satisfy a mass market.

    • “Watch what you want but comments like “7 / 9 / 10 are a joke I’m going to Netflix / Google / Youtube / iTunes” are not helpful to a local industry …”

      On the contrary; I think they’re _very_ helpful. At least viewers are taking the time to try and tell the networks why they’re leaving & where they’re going – and that tells them exactly the level, type, & quality of service that they need to be providing now & in the future.

      The alternative is no longer that viewers must and watch network TV regardless, thankful for the few scraps of ‘local’ and ‘fast-tracked’ content and waiting months, years, or all eternity for anything else. The alternative is that we’ll just go somewhere else without even taking the time to tell the networks where or why…

    • Mate we don’t just want Aussie content we want quality Aussie drama and comedy not this constant DIY and reality shows which are crap which is all the FTA networks are dishing out ..and with a channel like sevenflix it should be wall to wall movies its not that’s why the audience is so small .had a look then changed channels.

  9. 7flix will continue to have problems until Foxtel agrees to carry the channel. I like to record shows to watch when convenient but my recorder is the Foxtel box so I’m stymied by only being able to record shows that Foxtel transmits.

      • And here’s another anomaly. Through my Foxtel box I get all the Brisbane channel 9 signals (although they break up), but the WIN service for my area (Sunshine Coast) gives me WIN SD (channel 008), GEM (082) and GO (083). No sign on 9Life, except the Brisbane signal (094), which is too intermittent to watch.

  10. It seems 7flix is going to have new seasons of shows I watch…what a pity I can’t get 7flix…will have to watch them some other way. Maybe this is part of the problem for 7flix, perhaps lots of people can’t get the station like me…apart from the fact that the movies they are showing are very old and tired and full of ads.

  11. So 7flix is outrated by Shaun the Sheep. I must admit that I was looking forward to having a movie every night but these tired old titles that we’ve all seen before? May as well close down 7flix

  12. Seven was hoping that movies would be cheap and for free would stop people paying for Netflix. Netflix offers much better movies, when you want them without ads.
    Already the flix bit has been reduced to 1 or 2 movies a day. The rest is overflow from Seven’s NBC and ABC output deals and 30-50 year old TV shows.

    Once Upon A Time fans are finally get to see S4, 18 months after it aired in the US, and Agent Carter may finally air in this country but that’s about it. FTA market is saturated and viewing is declining.

  13. Have so enjoyed the Bridge.
    From those opening bars of the theme song, “Hollow Talk”, to the dark, moody aerial shots over the bridge and Malmo, to Saga’s distant demeanour and awkward inappropriateness, it has been compelling.
    Gets me in every time.
    I shall really miss Saga’s unique mannerisms and endearing strangeness.
    Her new partner has been excellent as well -reminds me a little of Joel Kinnaman’s Stephen Holder from The Killing but more understated

  14. Ouch re: 7Flix. I must be one of the few people watching Amazing Race. But man, almost every single team is soooo annoying. I’ll be heading back to Fox8 next week with Arrow’s return.

    • Yes, agree all the teams are so self-important and incredibly irritating so far.
      I normally enjoy The Amazing Race but not so much this season…

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