ABC tops TEN in Easter non-ratings


Last week was notorious for the failed launch of Reno Rumble, yet Nine managed wins in Sydney and Brisbane thanks to its sporting offerings later in the week.

Tuesday’s episode of Reno Rumble was adjusted from 453,000 to 397,000, the best of three nights it was on offer.

Seven won the first of two Easter non-ratings week with My Kitchen Rules as the top show of the week on 1.46m viewers.

Meanwhile TEN had another disappointing week, beaten by ABC every night except Tuesday, whilst on Saturday the SBS primary channel even outranked TEN’s. Overall it was up by 1% on the preceding week.

Seven: 29.5
Nine: 26.6
ABC: 19.6
TEN: 17.1
SBS: 7.2

Primary channel:
Seven: 21.4
Nine: 17.5
ABC: 14.2
TEN: 11.7
SBS: 5.2

7TWO / GO!: 4.0
7mate: 3.1
ABC2: 3.0
GEM: 2.9
ONE: 2.8
9Life: 2.2
ABC News 24: 1.7
SBS 2 / SBS Food Network: 0.9
ABC3: 0.7
NITV: 0.1

Seven won 16-39, 18-49 and 25-54 demos.

Seven won Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday while Nine took Sunday and Friday.

Seven was first in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. Nine took Sydney and Brisbane.

Survey ratings resume on Sunday.


  1. Ten really tend to struggle in this area between I’m a celebrity and Masterchef. The gap isn’t big enough to start and finish a new tent pole reality show yet the problim is big enough that they should be concerned. They need to extend Celeb (which won’t happen given that any “celebs” who would consider going on would be more likiky be put off if it were an 10-12 week show and without a semi-decent list of celebs, the show is nothing) or replace it with a show which could go for long enough to bridge the gap. I guess BIg Brother or a new format in that vain could fit the bill.

  2. Why wouldn’t the ABC spending more money and putting on stuff like Janet King without ads during the Easter Non-ratings period.

    Ten wasn’t offering any major content taking shows like Madam Secretary and The Good Wife off the air for non-ratings and waiting to launch MC.

    Nine’s main channel hasn’t been doing well either. Next week they are launching Married at First Sight S2 with RR as a lead-in.

  3. How embaressment for ten to be beaten by ABC the public are things that bad at TEN. I personally haven’t watched ten in a while .the project seems the only show that interests me on ten.

  4. Surely it is a demographic thing . Tens target market are not the people to stay at home over Easter and have tea and biscuits and watch aunty. of course abc will outrate it as its demographic dont go out in the same numbers. It happens every fri and sat night im not sure why people are a making a big deal of it.

  5. Since the way the rating are calculated is skewed against the ABC the commercial networks should be terrified. If the Turnbull government allowed ABC advertising at least one of the commercial channels would be dead by the end of the year. And that’s taking an optimistic view.

  6. Last week Channel 7 announced it had “no current plans to launch Seven’s main channel in HD”. Disappointing and annoying, especially for AFL fans in some states. Seems they are going to use their alotted spectrum to have more multi SD channels, maybe a cooking channel LOL. A goody, more crappy SD lifestyle channels.

  7. David I thought this was your April Fools article! It wasn’t until I checked my calender and realized it’s still a couple of days away that I realised this is just the sad truth. What has happened to TEN?

    • When TEN plays the same ep. of Scorpion three times in prime time in the same week – on Sun, Fri & Sat. nights – they get what they deserve.
      With ABC only 3.3% behind 9, watch out Willoughby.
      Seven winning all 16-39, 18-49 and 25-54 demos somewhat demolishes the claims by posters earlier, often repeated, that “it’s the over 55s that prop up Seven”.

    • I can’t wait till year end when Ten does the same or better than last year. Seven had stated it has front loaded the year, while Nine had has a disappointing start which is unlikely to improve. Ten has all of its biggest shows to come.

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