Airdate: Game of Thrones: The Story So Far


It’s now less than a month until Game of Thrones returns to television.

If you’re looking to get up to speed on the Westeros universe of characters (and let’s face it there are a lot), there’s a special coming up that may help.

Also the Thronecast companion series, which dissects latest episodes, will also be returning after the Season 6 premiere.

Game of Thrones: The Story So Far
Part One:
‘The Story So Far’ will bring ardent fans up to date with the gripping storylines and compelling characters from the first five seasons of ‘Game of Thrones’. Revisiting the key events of each season, we’ll hear analysis and insight from writers and stars of the show. ‘The Story So Far’ will also be a beginner’s guide for new viewers, to explain the intrigues and power struggles at work in the sprawling lands of Westeros. It will bring everyone up to speed on this epic saga, ahead of Season 6.

Wednesday April 6, 7.30pm Game of Thrones: The Story So Far (90 minute special)
Monday April 11, 8.30pm Game of Thrones: Best Moments (2 hour special)
Monday, April 25 11.00am and encore at 7.30pm – Game of Thrones Season 6
Every Tuesday at 10.45pm from April 26 – Throne Cast


  1. Great! I was just contemplating to ‘binge watch’ at least Season 5 again as I cannot remember much of it. Forgetting names, alliances, and who’s dead or still alive, lol.

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