Australia’s Got Talent, and the public vote winner from tonight is…


Each week 2 acts in Australia’s Got Talent semi-finals graduate to the Grand Final -one being the judge’s choice, the other as the viewer’s choice after phone voting.

So it’s more than a little confusing that a press preview for Monday night’s episode reveals the act that wins the public vote from tonight’s episode. A vote that is yet to open.

The footage includes Dave Hughes announcing the winning act in voice over, with matching footage of the jubilant act.

A Nine spokesperson said the vision was a temporary place holder with correct vision yet to be delivered on Monday afternoon.

Sometimes in similar situations a press preview will include a title card indicating where footage is to be inserted.

Nine assures footage of jubilant acts was shot with all semi-finalists.

UPDATED: Heavy Metal Kid guitarist Callum has proceeded to the Grand Final. Not the same act that was incorporated in the Nine preview. Conspiracy theory over….


  1. I watched the encore on Saturday night for the first time this series, and was amazed at the lack of talent for a Semi-final. The quality of talent when Seven had the show was 500% better than Nines reincarnation. And Dave Hughes hosting is woeful.

  2. I don’t watch this but have seen it referred to as Australia’s Got no Talent recently….perhaps they needed to generate some controversy !

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