Brendan Fevola wins I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here


Brendan Fevola has won I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here 2016.

The former professional AFL player defeated former NRL champion Paul “The Chief” Harragon in the TEN finale.

Ex-Bachelor contestant Laurina Fleure finished third.

Fevola won $100,000 for his charity, the Shane Warne Foundation which ironically winds up this week following recent headlines. In a parting gesture, Fevola offered to give $50,000 of the winnings to Paul Harragon’s charity, the Mark Hughes Foundation.

Warne finished fifth in the reality series behind singer Anthony Callea last week.

The final episode saw “loved ones” visit the camp in sentimental scenes reuniting contestants with family members, and a spectacular helicopter ride over the African landscape.

It also included a final challenge dropping a “bomb” into a giant star while flying down a zipline from the dam. When none of the three celebrities succeeded, host Julia Morris took to the zipline herself to win the trio final meals.

Brendan Fevola’s win marks something of a redemption for the footballer who appeared on the series in order to address his ‘bad boy’ image. He managed to show another side to his personality including his cheeky humour, commitment to horrendous trials and his unlikely ‘bromance’ with Anthony Callea.

Fevola also discussed his battles with depression and also recounted his controversial 2009 Brownlow Awards night bender, which led to the demise of his AFL career.

TEN’s series has attracted better ratings than its debut season in 2015 but is yet to be renewed.


  1. Well Done Fev. if I were in the final 2 of a reality show and the prize was money and I won- I would without a doubt give half to the other person in the final. that was great to see Brendan do that.

  2. Congrats to Brendan – well deserved.
    My pick to win as he has been good value and come across so well throughout the series – a very likeable and cheeky personality. Just like a big hyperactive, irrepressible kid really.
    Unlike some others, he has absolutely thrived in there and I think he will be very sad to leave.
    What a champion, donating half his winnings to the Chief’s charity as well
    The public got it right for once – Paul and Laurina were also deserving picks for the top three.

  3. Same pattern. Two cricketers 1st and 2nd last year, followed by a non sportsperson ( Chrissie Swan ) in 3rd place. This time two footballers win, and Laurina comes 3rd.
    Its what channel 10 wanted, but I would have preferred the underdog Laurina to have won, simply because the other celebs treated her as an outsider and bullied her from day one.

  4. Certainly a better finish to the 2015 finale which had s shocking ending. A better tighter series overall this year. But it could still be tighter. Maybe 60 mins duration each night. Have the ratings been better? Certainly not the growth the batchelor enjoyed in its second season. I would think ten would have been hoping for more competitive ratings even though in the demos it did quite well. Probably worth a third season with continual improvement.

    • I think the rattings were on par but the finale ratting were down quite a bit (although the Finale last year aired after the Melbourne F1 Race and did not have MKR airing against it).

      I think should they do a season 3, they should shorten the show to 4 weeks and have 2 evictions a week. They should also try and get a live stream of the camp to air on 11 after the main show.

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