Bumped: Hunted


ABC has advised UK series Hunted is moving to an earlier time of 8:15pm Wednesday March 30.

This week the show rated 34,000 viewers.

Presumably ABC2 is removing Dr. Who Confidential to make room for Hunted.

In this groundbreaking factual-thriller for British television, 14 British citizens are given fugitive status and go on the run. For up to 28 days they must evade capture from some of the world’s best investigators.

Leading the hunt is Chief Brett Lovegrove, former Head of Counter Terrorism for City of London Police, who led their response to the 7/7 bombings. He runs a team of 30 hunters carefully selected from law enforcement, military intelligence, cyber analysis, online profiling and human tracking.

In this second instalment we meet two new fugitives, Harinder and Davinder Singh, two Sikh brothers from Leicester. Aware that Asian men with beards and backpacks are a terrorist stereotype, the brothers travel the UK staying mostly within their community of extended family and friends. But the pain of separation from their loved ones quickly starts to bite.

Meanwhile Dr Ricky Allen continues to evade the hunters in Scotland, but psychological profiling expert Julie Clegg investigates his network of associates and unearths his plans to get cash. Upset by hunters’ attempts to shake up his friends, Dr Allen comes up with a daring plan to turn the tables on his pursuers.


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