Darren McMullen to host Big Music Quiz for Seven

Darren McMullen will host a new rapid-fire music quiz show with celebrities on Seven.


Former Voice host Darren McMullen will front a new format for Seven, The Big Music Quiz.

The French format, to be produced in Melbourne by Endemol Shine, comprises a series of intensive trivia challenges with celebrities guess who originally performed a popular cover version, figure out which song is being played at ten times its normal speed, tested on extracts linked to their career, and identify a cover sung in a different language. It also features a pumped-up audience and comes with an app for home viewers.

McMullen told News Corp Seven head of production Brad Lyons sent him videos of the French format.

“I watched it and thought, ‘this is a cool show’. It’s like the next step up from The Voice and towards a talk show; it has that feel about it and I’d love to do that.”

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  1. Celebrities? Why can’t it be lay people? I think it’s more interesting to see what knowledge is hidden away in suburbia rather than people in the industry related to the subject matter.

  2. As others have intimated – it’s like a dumbed-down version of Never Mind The Buzzcocks with less wit, more filler and, oh god, a “pumped up” audience. It’s perfect for Seven.

    I do like the gimmick of an app that lets the viewer play along, presumably in real-time. However, we currently have 5 time zones, 3 outside of DST, so it’s only going to be relevant for the eastern seaboard again.

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